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2022 View Lou C.; Zhou X.; Huang X.; Qiu C.; Yuan M. Fostering consumer engagement during an omnipresent victim crisis: understanding the role of values in pandemic-themed advertising 113.954
2369 View Jacques E.T.; Basch C.H.; Park E.; Kollia B.; Barry E. Long Haul COVID-19 Videos on YouTube: Implications for Health Communication 123.543
2013 View Thomas J.A.; Trigg J.; Morris J.; Miller E.; Ward P.R. Exploring the potential of citizen science for public health through an alcohol advertising case study 129.396
2374 View Gill A.S.; Biggs P.C.; Hagwood G.; Beliveau A.M.; Shahlaie K.; Strong E.B.; Steele T.O. Health Literacy and Web-Based Audiovisual Multimedia in Pituitary and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery 131.125
3068 View Walsh L.; Hyett N.; Howley J.; Juniper N.; Li C.; Macleod-Smith B.; Rodier S.; Hill S. Social Media as a Tool for Consumer Engagement in Hospital Quality Improvement and Service Design: Barriers and Enablers for Implementation 132.159
2019 View Noor U.; Mansoor M.; Shamim A. Customers create customers!–Assessing the role of perceived personalization, online advertising engagement and online users' modes in generating positive e-WOM 141.894
2015 View Zaib Abbasi A.; Hussain K.; Kaleem T.; Rasoolimanesh S.M.; Rasul T.; Ting D.H.; Rather R.A. Tourism promotion through vlog advertising and customer engagement behaviours of generation Z 142.77
2442 View Shu T.; Wang Z.; Jia H.; Zhao W.; Zhou J.; Peng T. Consumers’ Opinions towards Public Health Effects of Online Games: An Empirical Study Based on Social Media Comments in China 145.827
2327 View Ankamah S.; Gyesi K.; Amponsah V. Use of electronic resources in research and learning in a health sciences library in Ghana: An analysis of awareness and perception of users 147.398
2277 View Alvarez B.A. Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Services in Public Libraries: A National Survey of Public Library Professionals 148.917
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