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2325 View Grant M.J. Celebrating 75 years of the Health Libraries Group 60.216
2587 View Zhou H.; Silverman G.; Niu Z.; Silverman J.; Zhang R.; Evans R.; Austin R. Annotating Music Therapy, Chiropractic and Aquatic Exercise Using Electronic Health Record 152.979
2343 View Cephas J.; Marjanović I.; Miljački A. On Trees, Libraries, and Other Forms of Urban Care Work: In Conversation with Shannon Mattern 156.94
2382 View Darban F.; Mir M.; Sabzevari S. Training by multimedia messaging service method, a solution to improve knowledge, attitude, and performance of health workers: A quasi- experimental study 157.448
2262 View Miller R.A.; Shortliffe E.H. Donald A.B. Lindberg and the U.S. National Library of Medicine transformed biomedical and health informatics 158.835
2499 View Sit S.M.-M.; Lai A.Y.-K.; Kwok T.-O.; Wong H.-W.; Wong Y.-L.; Chow E.; Kwok Y.-K.; Wang M.-P.; Ho S.-Y.; Lam T.-H. Development and evaluation of two brief digital health promotion game booths utilizing augmented reality and motion detection to promote well-being at a gerontechnology summit in Hong Kong 163.796
2466 View Lamas S.; Rebelo S.; da Costa S.; Sousa H.; Zagalo N.; Pinto E. The Influence of Serious Games in the Promotion of Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Health: A Systematic Review 163.811
2321 View Cisney L.B.; Hoover B.; Thormodson K. The Technology, Budget, and Other Challenges of Growing Health Systems on Academic Health Sciences Libraries: A Deeper Dive 167.54
2810 View Brunelli L.; Smith H.; Woolrych R. A salutogenic urban design framework: the case of UK local high streets and older people 170.17
2720 View Feuerstein-Simon R.; Strelau K.M.; Naseer N.; Claycomb K.; Kilaru A.; Lawman H.; Watson-Lewis L.; Klusaritz H.; Van Pelt A.E.; Penrod N.; Srivastava T.; Nelson H.C.M.; James R.; Hall M.; Weigelt E.; Summers C.; Paterson E.; Aysola J.; Thomas R.; Lowenstein D.; Advani P.; Meehan P.; Merchant R.M.; Volpp K.G.; Cannuscio C.C. Design, Implementation, and Outcomes of a Volunteer-Staffed Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Initiative at an Urban Academic Medical Center 170.275
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