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2487 View Ferrari M.; Sabetti J.; McIlwaine S.V.; Fazeli S.; Sadati S.M.H.; Shah J.L.; Archie S.; Boydell K.M.; Lal S.; Henderson J.; Alvarez-Jimenez M.; Andersson N.; Nielsen R.K.L.; Reynolds J.A.; Iyer S.N. Gaming My Way to Recovery: A Systematic Scoping Review of Digital Game Interventions for Young People's Mental Health Treatment and Promotion 106.933
2488 View Li L.; Abbey C.; Wang H.; Zhu A.; Shao T.; Dai D.; Jin S.; Rozelle S. The Association between Video Game Time and Adolescent Mental Health: Evidence from Rural China 107.069
2361 View Alanko D. The Health Effects of Video Games in Children and Adolescents 108.63
2368 View García-Gil M.Á.; Fajardo-Bullón F.; Rasskin-Gutman I.; Sánchez-Casado I. Problematic Video Game Use and Mental Health among Spanish Adolescents 110.376
2414 View Kim Y.-J.; Lee C.S.; Kang S.-W. Increased adolescent game usage and health-related risk behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic 115.762
2458 View Çelik İ.; Bektaş M. Effects of digital game addiction on cardiovascular health behavior on secondary school students during the COVID-19 pandemic 116.251
2441 View Chagas Brandão L.; Sanchez Z.M.; de O. Galvão P.P.; da Silva Melo M.H. Mental health and behavioral problems associated with video game playing among Brazilian adolescents 116.328
2413 View Schuler B.R.; Raknes S. Does group size and blending matter? Impact of a digital mental health game implemented with refugees in various settings 121.366
2906 View Obioha C.L.; van Zyl I. Gameful design for skills development of youths in marginalised urban communities 121.877
2438 View Tuijnman A.; Kleinjan M.; Olthof M.; Hoogendoorn E.; Granic I.; Engels R.C.M.E. A Game-Based School Program for Mental Health Literacy and Stigma on Depression (Moving Stories): Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial 127.45
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