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2626 View Jarus T.; Mayer Y.; Gross E.; Cook C.; Bulk L.Y.; Hershler L.A.D.; Nichols J.; Zaman S.; Belliveau G. Bringing disability experiences front stage: Research-based theatre as a teaching approach to promote inclusive health education 96.8294
2659 View Lai B.; Vogtle L.; Young R.; Craig M.; Kim Y.; Gowey M.; Swanson-Kimani E.; Davis D.; Rimmer J.H. Telehealth Movement-to-Music to Increase Physical Activity Participation Among Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial 98.8209
2372 View Noguchi T.; Sato M.; Saito T. An approach to psychosocial health among middle-aged and older people by remote sharing of photos and videos from family members not living together: A feasibility study 102.437
2563 View Silverman M.J.; Bourdaghs S. Analysis of between-diagnoses differences in music-based affect regulatory strategies in adults with mental health and substance use conditions: Implications for transdiagnostic application 103.289
2463 View David O.A.; Magurean S. Positive Attention Bias Trained during the Rethink Therapeutic Online Game and Related Improvements in Children and Adolescents’ Mental Health 111.14
2629 View Eissazade N.; Aeini Z.; Ababaf R.; Shirazi E.; Boroon M.; Mosavari H.; Askari-Diarjani A.; Ghobadian A.; Shalbafan M. Investigation of a group of Iranian theater artists' mental health and attitude toward patients with mental disorders 114.178
2395 View Hershberger P.J.; Pei Y.; Crawford T.N.; Neeley S.M.; Wischgoll T.; Patel D.B.; Vasoya M.M.; Castle A.; Mishra S.; Surapaneni L.; Pogaku A.A.; Bositty A.; Pavlack T. An Interactive Game with Virtual Reality Immersion to Improve Cultural Sensitivity in Health Care 114.594
2512 View Roberts D. Multimedia learning methods and affective, behavioural and cognitive engagement: a universal approach to dyslexia? 117.868
2379 View Martin-Kerry J.; Higgins S.; Knapp P.; Liabo K.; Young B. Engaging children, young people, parents and health professionals in interviews: Using an interactive ranking exercise within the co-design of multimedia websites 118.324
2371 View Antonio M.G.; Williamson A.; Kameswaran V.; Beals A.; Ankrah E.; Goulet S.; Wang Y.; Macias G.; James-Gist J.; Brown L.K.; Davis S.; Pillai S.; Buis L.; Dillahunt T.; Veinot T.C. Targeting Patients’ Cognitive Load for Telehealth Video Visits through Student-Delivered Helping Sessions at a United States Federally Qualified Health Center: Equity-Focused, Mixed Methods Pilot Intervention Study 118.444
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