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2666 View Carson T.L.; Hazzard V.M.; Finn E.; Lipson S.K. Participation in varsity sports, dance, and Greek life associated with menstrual disturbance in a national sample of female college students 111.433
2626 View Jarus T.; Mayer Y.; Gross E.; Cook C.; Bulk L.Y.; Hershler L.A.D.; Nichols J.; Zaman S.; Belliveau G. Bringing disability experiences front stage: Research-based theatre as a teaching approach to promote inclusive health education 120.095
2575 View Botha M.; Panebianco C.; Masenge A. The Relationship between Perfectionism, Cognitive Rumination, Mindfulness and Mental Health in Music Students at a South African University 121.438
2571 View Salokivi M.; Salantera S.; Saarikallio S.; Ala-Ruona E. Promoting emotional skills in early adolescents with mental health conditions in music therapy–a content analysis of focus group interviews 125.874
2304 View Lozano H. Libraries as a Mental Health Resource 126.331
2596 View Ballenberger N.; Avermann F.; Zalpour C. Musculoskeletal Health Complaints and Associated Risk Factors in Freshmen Music Students 126.515
2512 View Roberts D. Multimedia learning methods and affective, behavioural and cognitive engagement: a universal approach to dyslexia? 128.855
2533 View Mathisen T.F.; Sundgot-Borgen C.; Anstensrud B.; Sundgot-Borgen J. Intervention in professional dance students to increase mental health- and nutrition literacy: A controlled trial with follow up 129.062
2360 View Laker C.; Knight-Davidson P.; Hawkes D.; Driver P.; Nightingale M.; Winter A.; McVicar A. The Use of 360-Degree Video in Developing Emotional Coping Skills (Reduced Anxiety and Increased Confidence) in Mental Health Nursing Students: A Protocol Paper 129.301
2517 View Rudolphi-Solero T.; Lorenzo-Alvarez R.; Ruiz-Gomez M.J.; Sendra-Portero F. Impact of compulsory participation of medical students in a multiuser online game to learn radiological anatomy and radiological signs within the virtual world Second Life 132.24
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