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Author Daryani I., Suciana F., Rusmingsih E.
Title Effect of Health Education using Audiovisual on Knowledge of Osteoporosis Prevention in Elderly

Daryani I., Suciana F., Rusmingsih E.; Effect of Health Education using Audiovisual on Knowledge of Osteoporosis Prevention in Elderly ;Journal of Physics: Conference Series vol:1179 issue: 1 page:

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Abstract Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by reduced bone density resulting in brittle and easily broken bones.. Prevention of osteoporosis through health education is important to prevent the risk of complications in the elderly. The use of audio visual methods in health education facilitates the delivery and receipt of health information. This study aims to determine the effect of health education using audio visual on the knowledge of prevention of osteoporosis in the elderly. In this research, pre-experimental design one group pre-post test design methods were used. The number of samples was 14 respondents using purposive sampling. Data analysis using Wilcoxon test. The results of this study obtained knowledge about the prevention of osteoporosis in the pre-test, namely the sufficient category of 9 respondents (64.3%) and less 5 respondents (35.7%). Knowledge of osteoporosis prevention in the post-test is a good category of 11 respondents (78.6%), and enough as many as 3 respondents (21.4%). Wilcoxon test results obtained p value 0,000 (α = 0,05). The conclusion of this study is that there is an effect of health education using audio visual on the knowledge of prevention of osteoporosis in the elderly at the Posyandu for the elderly. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.


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