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Id 726
Author Gamoneda A.
Title Thyssen: Relationship between museum and health Thyssen: Relaciones entre museo y salud

Gamoneda A.; Thyssen: Relationship between museum and health Thyssen: Relaciones entre museo y salud ;Arte, Individuo y Sociedad vol:23 issue: SPEC. ISSUE page:245.0

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Abstract Thyssen Bornemisza Museum works on interdisciplinary programs for public with special needs. Red de Públicos is a space where people with disabilities and special needs, their familias and their communities and organizations can develop their full potential, access to the same services and have the same opportunities than the rest of audiences. The Área de Investigación y Extensión Educativa works closely with professionals of user support teams with the main goal of discovering the Museum as a useful resource in their work lines, a Community meeting center where prestige and visibility are on.


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