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Author Cicerchia, A.,
Title Social and economic impacts of culture in ECoC Italian candidate cities
Cicerchia, A. (2016). Social and economic impacts of culture in ECoC Italian candidate cities. Economia della Cultura, XXVI (1): 149-164

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Abstract Social and economic impacts of the arts and culture are a recurring topic in the literature of last two decades or more. Scepticism, in various extents, about their measurability coexists with an increasing accountability demand. In many cases, efforts to reporting cultural impacts appear disembodied from any planning frame of reference. It is so in many ex post evaluations, aimed at recollecting unplanned and unintended outcomes and spillovers of cultural projects of various nature. The European Capital of Culture Programme has increasingly developed a praxis for planning, monitoring and short term and medium term evaluating the desired impacts of the cultural investments, activities, events, etc. for candidate and selected cities. This paper investigates the impact and result indicators provided in the six Italian shortlisted cities Bidbooks in the selection process resulted in the adoption of Matera as European Capital of culture for 2019.



Social and economic impacts of culture in ECoC Italian candidate cities. the successful ec programme european capital of culture started in is an interesting and almost unique case where the develop- ment of a set of methodologies and technical tools has gradually accom- panied the core cultural planning to the point that the expected cultu- ral economic and social impacts are set clearly from the start. the commission contributes a small subsidy to european capitals of culture. for what expressly concerns social impacts the bid indicates that a special evaluation working group will be established with key partners from organizations such as health police community development who will identify and set the baseline for the key social policy priorities and can develop sound baseline data from the information which currently exists already and can develop it for the evaluation model. matera bidbook does not proposes impact indicators but in addition to the eu policy group list of impact areas special attention will be devoted to: a developing skills and social capital b enhancing active citizenship c involving volunteers d the project s environmental sustainability e the use and effect of social media f the impact of the candidacy on urban renewal g the impact of the candidacy on schools and other educational activities.

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