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Author Horton, S., ; Spence, J.,
Title Scoping the economic and social impact of archives.
Horton, S.; Spence, J. (2006). Scoping the economic and social impact of archives. Yorkshire: Yorkshire Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

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Abstract This project was commissioned by the Yorkshire Museums Libraries & Archives Council (YMLAC) in order to “increase YMLAC’s and the Archive domain’s knowledge and understanding of the methodologies / approaches available to undertake economic and social impact assessment.” The objectives were to: systematically review the published evidence on economic and social impact assessments adopted in the archives domain, both within the UK and internationally; develop a taxonomy of usage, based on the need to differentiate primary and secondary users, economic and social impacts; assess the transferability of other schemes developed for the valuation of information or information services to the archives sector; develop an impact taxonomy that addresses economic / social impacts over time; produce a mapping of impact type against methods, noting any particular problems or opportunities in deploying these methodologies.

Keywords Archives; Social Impact; Economic Impact; Public Value


Note: Due to lack of computing power, results have been previously created and saved in database