Documents defining each cluster


Document Relevance Author Title
View 0.8102 Manias-Muñoz M., Barreiro M.S., Rodríguez A.I. Public policies, diversity and national cinemas in the Spanish context: Catalonia, basque country and Galicia
View 0.7033 Bonet, L., ; Colbert, F., ; Courchesne, A., From Creative Nations to Creative Cities: an example of center-periphery dynamic in cultural policies- City, culture and Society
View 0.6983 Ezepue E.M. The New Nollywood: Professionalization or Gentrification of Cultural Industry
View 0.6954 Slach O., Boruta T. What can cultural and creative industries do for urban development? three stories from the postsocialist industrial city of ostrava
View 0.6690 Degen, M., ; Garcia, M., The Transformation of the ‘Barcelona Model’: An Analysis of Culture, Urban Regeneration.
View 0.6650 Cristina M., Loreta C., Daniel P., George M., Cristian D., Radu P. The role of technical museums in the regeneration of industrial functionally, restructured regions (Romania)
View 0.6479 Plaza B., Haarich S.N. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Between Regional Embeddedness and Global Networking
View 0.6338 Mantziou L. Museum Cluster as Urban Defibrillator
View 0.6329 Plaza B., Tironi M., Haarich S.N. Bilbao's art scene and the "Guggenheim effect revisited"
View 0.6028 Rahbarianyazd, R., ; Doratli, N., Assessing the contribution of cultural agglomeration in urban regeneration through developing cultural strategies.
View 0.5991 Chong, T., Singapore's cultural policy and its consequences
View 0.5960 Brunow D. Manchester's post-punk heritage: Mobilising and contesting transcultural memory in the context of urban regeneration
View 0.5855 Środa-Murawska S. Railway feat. culture – Rumia library effect as an example of the influence of culture-led regeneration in a medium-sized city in Poland
View 0.5833 Mckenzie M., Hutton T. Culture-led Regeneration in the Post-industrial Built Environment: Complements and Contradictions in Victory Square, Vancouver
View 0.5830 Liu Y.-D. Event and sustainable culture-led regeneration: Lessons from the 2008 European Capital of Culture, Liverpool
View 0.5796 Kalergis, D., The role of architecture in culture-led urban regeneration strategies
View 0.5589 Gainza, X., Culture‑led neighbourhood transformations beyond the revitalisation/gentrification dichotomy.
View 0.5376 García, B., Urban Regeneration, Arts Programming and Major Events: Glasgow 1990, Sydney 2000 and Barcelona 2004
View 0.5336 Currid, E., ; Williams, S., Two cities, five industries: Similarities and differences within and between cultural industries in New York and Los Angeles
View 0.5324 Martins J.C. Tangible cultural heritage re-appropriation towards a new urban centrality. A critical crossroad in semi-peripheral eastern riverside lisbon