Social impact transition variables summary

SUMMARY TEXT ON transition variables for each social impact


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Do they have a role in improving health and wellbeing. together these ndings highlight an area for further research into the potential use of two different types of approaches dancing as well as listening to music in helping to enhance positive affect decrease negative affect and reduce fatigue in both clinical and non-clinical settings. in a survey study of knitting enthusiasts recruited from an online site riley corkhill and morris found that a majority of respondents who knitted frequently several times a week reported higher cognitive func- tioning increased levels of calmness and happiness and greater social contact and commu- nication. a higher sense of community comprising of sense of belonging autonomy and proudness of living in the community contributes to residents positive cognitive well-being.


Do they have a role in improving health and wellbeing. study when assessing the impact of attending cultural events reading and making music as determiners for survival briefly explored potential routes of influence in the human body as a response to art by arguing that cultural experiences through verbal expression writing or painting actions with no effect on real life provide emotional arousal changes in the humoral nervous system which can enhance physical health and the immunity function bygren konlaan and johansson . a number of studies have shown positive contributions from the following activities to subjective well-being: music and creative art activities cohen ; cameron et al. summary this study extends previous findings showing that thea- tre-based therapy for youth with asd leads to enhanced social competence and promotes decreased anxiety during social interaction.


Do they have a role in improving health and wellbeing. findings indicate a positive effect of exergaming on psychological adjustment and per- ceived competence to exercise in a diverse sample of obese adolescents. attending cultural events might influence the development and progression of cancer via social pathways. further results on communication networks showed that having opportunities to share their cul- tural experiences with others has meaningful value for students.