Sentences defining possible impact


Article Sentence Score
View sense of well being 0.891686
View Wellbeing outcomes included mental health and general wellbeing 0.765222
View Positive affect represents pleasurable engagement and includes emotions such as enthusiasm and alert ness 0.758458
View Beneficial effects relating to general wellbeing also emerged 0.751701
View participants experienced improved health and a reduced level of fatigue 0.750277
View The findings reveal a rich array of positive benefits on the participants' social wellbeing with/in the community 0.746183
View most participants expressed improved wellbeing after the intervention such as improved mood calmed anxiety or a feeling of enhanced confidence 0.74389
View The results showed positive changes in self-reported general health, mental health, personal and social well-being 0.740841
View The study found that among adult participants: %% feel better or healthier % have been happier since being involved 0.733903
View In this study particularly positive affect vitality and coping increased 0.733837
View Positive mental health in individuals and populations 0.733032
View Participants reported a mixture of increased energy and fulfilment 0.729835
View elicit an emotional response that encourages positive feelings such as optimism hope and enjoyment; 0.728484
View Qualitative studies reported themes concerning a general improvement in emotional and social wellbeing including the development of the sense of group identity and belonging 0.726039
View patients found pleasure in performing the exercises and expressed positive feelings that in turn enhanced them 0.725559
View it was hypothesized that pre post comparisons would demonstrate enhanced well-being increase in positive emotion wellness and happiness; decrease in negative emotion across settings 0.72048
View Descriptive statistics showed that mean total scores for wellbeing increased postintervention compared with preintervention 0.720013
View residents social environment positively influences their subjective well-being by positively inuencing a cognitive well- being and b affective well-being 0.719381
View quantitative measures showed significant increases in participant wellness and happiness scores 0.718257
View Such environments intend to promote a sense of well-being a reduction in stress and fatigue and encourage a sense of hope and positive attitude in patients 0.715049
View Multilevel modelling analyses demonstrated that participants mental wellbeing significantly improved over time 0.705548
View Multilevel modelling analyses demonstrated that participants mental wellbeing significantly improved over time 0.705548
View In turn disentangling the self from pain facilitated a greater sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life for several participants 0.704476
View Patients who had participated in the trial reported benefits in their physical performance and general well-being as well as a sense of achievement and self-efficacy 0.704292
View individuals participating in these activities receive an increased sense of well-being derived from physical fitness kavetsos and improved mental stimulation and satisfaction in part associated with enhanced social networks gratton 0.703888
View In recent years there has been increased research interest in wellbeing as people seek to learn how they might lead healthier and happier lives 0.702599
View qualitative evidence of the outcomes of the program suggest that it had a positive impact on participants physical and social well-being as well as upon their creative activity 0.700411
View Positive impact on residents and staff well-being 0.700016
View Quality of life and wellbeing are a substantial part of health 0.69721
View Wellbeing is positively associated with quality of life and physical health benefits including a decreased risk for disease speedier disease recovery and increased longevity [-] 0.692277
View We also wanted to measure positive aspects of wellbeing for FCGs such as life satisfaction and flourishing 0.692224
View Some theorists suggest that the cumulative benefits of positive moments can serve as protective factors that eventually lead to improved wellbeing 0.692025
View Its physical practical and psychological doing is a functionality that had a positive impact on health and wellbeing for the participating service users 0.691726
View The well-being benefits associated with play include relief from stress increased creativity and improved relationships 0.68944
View Time had a significant effect on mental wellbeing indicating that partici pants mental wellbeing improved after joining the ABG 0.687859
View It increases relaxation and communication, contributes to reduce pain, allows bearing of stressing experiences, promotes self-control feelings and increases self-esteem 0.687522
View This finding suggests that participants wellbeing benefited equally from participation in both activities 0.686613
View health and personal wellbeing are important aspects of quality of life 0.685793
View Social interaction in itself has been recognised as an important contributor to happiness and wellbeing 0.684362
View According to the World Health Organization wellbeing is a crucial aspect of health 0.681898
View Additionally patients reported better social support after the intervention 0.681037
View The intervention stimulated social interaction and positive affect which in turn enabled a sense of respite in caregivers daily lives 0.680375
View These include positive effects not only on patient wellbeing but also on health outcome such as length of stay in hospital and pain tolerance 0.679734
View Their programmes have demonstrated significant psychological and social benefits but also that crucial bio-markers that underpin not only feelings of well-being and relaxation but also markers of immune system activity were improved 0.676955
View Exploratory Study Primary Outcomes In the post-test participants showed significantly improved scores on well-being body self-efficacy and the cognitive aspect of outcome expectancy 0.676354
View These included high levels of motivation to attend the program enjoyment of the program increases in social participation and friendship and improved emotional wellbeing 0.676303
View Since the participants found the workshops uplifting and fun it seems likely that their participation in the workshops will have increased their subjective wellbeing 0.675503
View improvement in the wellbeing of participants with short-term and long- term mental health problems was also found 0.673214
View In interviews patients who had participated in the trial reported bene- fits in their physical performance and general well-being as well as a sense of achievement and self-efficacy 0.67218
View Studies have also reported other beneficial effects such as improvement in mood well-being and behavior 0.671607
View Emotional benefits include the use of music for mood regulation producing positive emotions such as feeling uplifted stress release and relaxation processing and expressing emotions 0.671247
View He showed increased confidence and enjoyment 0.670491
View In the literature on wellbeing there is general agreement that both hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing have positive connections with physical health 0.670354
View Matrix looked at the impacts of participation in the arts and sport on wellbeing and reported a positive impact on life satisfaction 0.669725
View Participants reported that they found the singing beneficial and reported positive changes in their physical ability and wellbeing 0.669641
View ninety per cent of participants registered a remarkable improvement of their wellbeing after the experience 0.66909
View Enduring predominance of diffuse positive affective states influences mood promotes health and learning 0.666406
View the effects are reported as subjective feelings of increased self- confidence and wellbeing being part of a community building new social relationships participating in meaningful activities creating a connection between body and mind promoting relaxation fostering a sense of hope and developing new coping mechanisms and experiencing increased sense of self- worth motivation and aspiration and decreased levels of depression 0.665713
View Participants report pride in themselves and in their community increased confidence and a feeling of self-satisfaction 0.663379
View However, engagement in dramatic exercises and rehearsing and performing a dramatic piece was reported by participants as a positive growth experience, as indicated by the post-treatment ratings of enhanced self-esteem, confidence and happiness 0.662712
View For example physiological benefits include improvements to breath- ing the respiratory system and muscle tension together with relaxation increased energy and improved posture and body control 0.65975
View enjoyment and fun 0.65649
View Qualitative enquiry into the meaning of such activities found that participants derived well-being through keeping busy feeling useful and valued experiencing mental stimulation and relaxation and meeting others 0.656473
View Music group showed improvement in symptoms and in levels of wellbeing 0.655954
View It increases relaxation and communication contributes to reduce pain allows bearing of stressing experiences promotes self-control feelings and increases self-esteem 0.655493
View Results have been promising including improvements to wellbeing quality of life and to mental health as well as inciting biological signs of stress reduction 0.654196
View Art participation may enhance self-efficacy and positively influence emotional wellbeing 0.653888
View Wellbeing is when individuals have the psychological, social, and physical resources they need to meet a particular psychological, social, and/or physical challenge 0.65343
View the qualitative part of the study showed that participants were positive about meeting with other copd patients and had an improvement in wellbeing 0.652634
View Participating in the programme provided opportunity to enrich peoples lives wellbeing and quality of life in keeping with findings of others and the basis for the arts for health initiatives locally nationally and globally 0.651978
View Overall aver age weekly pre- and post-session scores for happiness and mood energy pain and anxiety showed positive changes for all or most of the ses sions 0.650522
View The fun spirit and welcoming feel of the group has the effect of assisting new community members through a major life transition whilst having a positive impact on the individuals psychological state 0.648826
View However engagement in dramatic exercises and rehearsing and performing a dramatic piece was reported by participants as a positive growth experience as indicated by the post-treatment ratings of enhanced self-esteem condence and happiness 0.648715
View positive leisure experience is derived from participation in arts culture and sport evident in greater satisfaction with life and leisure and general happiness; 0.64754
View participants reported that the programme created a creative and therapeutic environment and that they experienced social psychological and therapeutic activity benefits 0.647297
View A persons functional capacity and their ability to positively engage in the world around them can heavily influence their wellbeing 0.646665
View They also reported significant improvements to their quality of life emotional well-being self-confidence and appreciation of singing 0.646635
View It can be also included for planning programs of treatment and rehabilitation to promote wellness improve physical and emotional well-being and the quality of life 0.646296
View They replicated a moderate reduction in mental distress and additionally found a significant increase in mental wellbeing 0.645872
View it was also suggested that wellbeing was a long term feeling rather than an immediate emotive type reaction 0.645323
View The opportunity to compose music was empowering for participants and appears to have contributed to participants wellbeing and quality of life at least in the short term 0.644019
View nef define wellbeing as most usefully thought of as the dynamic process that gives people a sense of how their lives are going through the interaction between their circumstances activities and psychological resources or mental capital nef 0.643145
View enhanced self-awareness and empowerment self-esteem reduced stress 0.642958
View participants feel empowered which increases their self- belief and leads them to be more pro-active members of the community 0.641864
View residents perceived positive tourism impact positively in- fluences their subjective well-being by positively inuencing a cognitive well-being and b affective well-being 0.641402
View It reported strong evidence on the positive effects of singing on feelings of happiness and well-being 0.641316
View in that sense they appreciated an increased freedom of action and choice compared to other facilities 0.640943
View both studies reported improvements in well-being that was aided by the mental stimulation and interaction gained from the intervention 0.640887
View The self-rewarding nature of aesthetic experience may influence the beholders affective state possibly improving wellbeing 0.640842
View Three participants experienced this as having long-term benefits enhancing their sense of control and providing a resource for caregiving for some time after the end of the sessions: It was easier to care I dont feel so stressed and under pressure 0.638538
View Experiences : Comments relating to spiritual experiences during playing which included enhanced worship spiritual benefits and spiritual wellbeing 0.638118
View After the intervention we observed increased well-being body self-efficacy and outcome expectancies; our exploratory results are in line with prior and present studies suggesting positive effects of dance on psychological outcomes 0.638116
View I want to help people feel that sense of peacefulness 0.637991
View The creative art-making within a supportive social environment helped to alleviate the sense of depletion that carers associated with caregiving and offered a brief experience of respite that they felt enhanced their resilience and coping resources 0.637506
View Other benefits to the individuals included increased enjoyment and satisfaction and the opportunity to share and connect with others and increased social interaction 0.63712
View Participants felt that the experience of focusing deeply on creative expression enabled them to return to their caregiving role in a better state of emotional control and relaxation 0.637008
View Decorative elements in the medical imaging area improve patients perception of pleasantness 0.636872
View Participants experienced the arts group as providing a sense of freedom and respite, strengthening identity through promoting achievement, offering social support through a collective focus on art- and craft-making and increasing resilience for coping with caring 0.636683
View Sessions visibly calmed anxiety and in some cases increased levels of enjoyment in depressed patients 0.63556
View Conclusions This study found that group-based activities in community centres are associated with improvements in the health and wellbeing of adults who experience poor health and other forms of social disadvantage 0.635051
View Qualitative evidence identifies five broad themes of perceived benefits: friendship and companionship ease of engagement feelings of happiness and being uplifted feelings of relaxation and reduced anxiety and fun 0.635037
View Participants felt that the intervention gave them routine and structure with an opportunity to engage positively with others which in turn decreased the sense of social isolation and was felt to support wellbeing and the potential of recovery 0.634809
View Group identification created a sense of belonging support self-efficacy purpose and positive emotions for participants 0.634722
View psychosocial functioning encompasses various aspects of psychiatric psychological and social competence and well-being and it refers to the ability of self-caring or working a positive evaluation of self and life and a positive well- being received from meaningful relationships or activities 0.633433
View people indicated their enjoyment of the experience and highlighted the benefits on mental health well-being and social relationships 0.633408
View In this way serious leisure contributes to both individual and community wellbeing 0.633177
View satisfaction with health is also higher among those reporting increases in engagement in arts events and moderate and mild sports with the findings related to sport consistent with the health benefits of more active lifestyles cabinet office ; hamer et al 0.632879
View They described increased positive feelings and well-being reduced stress improved self-perceptions improved singing abilities feelings of belong ing to a group connecting with the local community increased social networks and social functioning 0.632476
View The coexistence of mystery and familiarity facilitated improvements in wellbeing and helped in the recovery process 0.632363
View Choir members reported that singing increases happiness gives a positive attitude to life improves well-being and releases negative feelings 0.632312
View Qualitative analysis considered the ways in which improvements in reported wellbeing health social and physical functioning resulting from the sessions might have occurred 0.632066
View Participants report decreased anxiety decreased loneliness increased self-confidence and self-esteem and increased sense of value and purpose 0.631192
View Participants report decreased anxiety decreased loneliness increased self-confidence and self-esteem and increased sense of value and purpose 0.631192
View some of the effects were reported as follows: improved ability to cope less negative feeling increased quality of life increased wellbeing reduction in anxiety better understanding of own body reduced agitation positive distractions increased social interaction reduced stress increased selfconfidence and sense of self-worth lower levels of depression increased sense of hope and increased ability to connect with valuable parts of oneself 0.631021
View during the art sessions the participants showed higher scores in several domains of wellbeing such as interest sustained attention pleasure and self-esteem than during traditional activities 0.630817
View There is growing evidence that art-based activities have positive benefits for patients such as improvements in self-esteem confidence and mood [ ] 0.630761
View The ultimate goal of a resilient society is the wellbeing of its community 0.630299
View Discussion Overall findings These data corroborate past findings that lifelong learning enhances self-confidence and reported well-being and further establish the claim that creative activities can benefit individuals through providing a sense of achievement and purpose as well as a release from stress 0.630077
View Statistical analysis of prepost quantitative measures in Phase 2 found a highly significant increase in psychological wellbeing 0.629482
View It is expressed in the concepts of healthy environment promoting active life and healing environment defined as a treatment setting that sustains the healing process by creating a supportive physical and social environment 0.629281
View c To focus on positive therapeutic outcomes of health and wellbeing 0.628993
View Positive emotions are the subjective wellbeing element of the PERMA model 0.628977
View gives people a sense of achievement pride in themselves and in their community 0.628575
View Stable wellbeing is when individuals have the psychological social and physical resources they need to meet a particular psychological social and/or physical challenge 0.628151
View Most participants rated their quality of life as good or very good 0.627641
View Analysis revealed that participants in the -month collaborative composition residencies for Hull perceived a positive impact on their subjective and psychological wellbeing with participants experiences being closely associated with all five dimensions of the PERMA framework 0.626506
View Research has found that social engagement in the form of social activities productive activities helping activities formal and informal learning and leisure is positively correlated with older adults physical and mental health and that joint participation in leisure activities with members of ones social network has been positively associated with life satisfaction 0.625344
View participating in meaningful activity has a positive influence on the mental health of older adults 0.624113
View Conclusion International evidence emerging to date for arts for health activities for older people in care homes whether within or external to the home looks promising and can benefit residents health wellbeing and quality of life 0.624057
View Overall patients responded positively and welcomed background music recognising that it could improve mood and relieve pain 0.623569
View found that participation in a dance intervention offered enhancements in psychological wellbeing including feelings of safety and reductions in anxiety 0.622773
View the objects provided several ways through which patients could access these wellbeing benefits 0.622541
View conclusions: creative museum activities showed increases in participant levels of confidence sociability and well- being 0.621658
View For example they can create mutually supportive atmospheres that can tackle social isolation and enhance people's quality of life and social wellbeing 0.621349
View They affect the way people feel consciously or unconsciously thereby triggering changes in behavior and wellbeing 0.621255
View Wellbeing The contribution of dance participation to wellbeing involves a variety of social physical and personal components 0.621253
View a higher sense of community comprising of sense of belonging autonomy and proudness of living in the community contributes to residents positive cognitive well-being 0.620394
View The influence of various aspects of life on wellbeing has been extensively researched 0.618447
View Increased social well-being according to that study involves increased self-confidence increased self-esteem diminished social isolation an experience of increased social community and improved communication skills 0.618389
View found that higher levels of social capital increased the odds of having favourable health 0.618158
View A recent systematic review found evidence participation in a community choir promoted wellbeing improved social connectedness and benefited health and functioning for a group of adults with mental health and physical conditions 0.617623
View On the basis of a follow-up evaluation months later Parkes and Volpe conclude that increased colour awareness had a positive impact of on participants mood and physical and mental well-being 0.617248
View it was found that participating in arts activities can have a positive effect on self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship building and a sense of belonging, qualities which have been associated with resilience and mental wellbeing 0.616578
View patients in both groups reported a signifi- cant intergroup enhancement in quality of life p = 0.615568
View Active participation in social musical activities can confer health and wellbeing benefits on older people 0.61552
View There is evidence that singing can have beneficial effects on wellbeing in healthy [] and chronic disease populations [ ] 0.615349
View Moreover, creative arts activities can also promote wellbeing in the general population 0.614799
View Dance summary of key findings Dance participation appears to contribute positively to individuals wellbeing and health across cultures and age groups 0.61434
View Furthermore support for selfesteem and allied confidence agency ability and sense of purpose are theorised to improve individual psychosocial wellbeing 0.614151
View In music therapy singing can lead to a sense of wellbeing as indicated by positive self-esteem a sense of accomplishment and feelings of belonging 0.613815
View I think theres that around achievement and a sense of unity and connection and belonging to a wider community and connection to different kind of psychological parts that supports wellbeing 0.613494
View With regular singing activities people have reported reduced psychological distress and improved wellbeing 0.613491
View Previous research reported that -week museum programs reduced social isolation and increased wellbeing 0.613433
View The use of dance as an extra-curricular intervention has many potential benefits most notably the improvement of physical and mental wellbeing 0.613403
View Valued activities also play an important role in promoting positive enjoyment of later life and resisting depression even in a context of deteriorating health 0.612978
View The choir experience helped participants gain a sense of community and a sense of purpose; it increased their confidence mood energy and alertness; S 0.612397
View in contrast supportive relationships have a strikingly high protective effect for the mental health of people under stress 0.612376
View Recreational activities can help elderly people participate in activities and release positive and joyful energy) 0.612302
View As such on an individual level engagement with third places can have positive effects on wellbeing by providing support networks and raising the spirits of participants warding off stress loneliness and isolation 0.611107
View Nature prescriptions can promote physical activity leading to positive health outcomes while contact with nature can have an additional restorative effect on mental wellbeing 0.610752
View Social impact of participation in arts Help improve the quality of life of people with poor health 0.61066
View Freedom to express oneself The participants also sensed that the freedom to express oneself in whichever way one feels comfortable with supports recovery 0.609544
View The current results are promising indicating that many people with mental health conditions have experienced benefits to their mental health and wellbeing through participating in community singing groups 0.609413
View Conclusions: There is reliable evidence for positive effects of music and singing on wellbeing in adults 0.609309
View Several studies have highlighted the positive effects of group music-making and have suggested that it may be the creative and social aspects of such activities, which have a positive effect on participants' wellbeing 0.609193
View The importance of supporting everyday activities in providing routes to improve wellbeing formed the focus of this study 0.607864
View Recreational activity improves self-esteem and intimacy through enjoyable interactions with other people 0.607652
View There is growing and convincing evidence that en- gaging in creative arts activities can promote improve- ments in perceived physical and mental health social functioning and wellbeing in long-term conditions 0.607481
View Research has shown the influence of dance interventions on positive psychological and physical wellbeing 0.60704
View Several studies have highlighted the positive effects of group music-making and have suggested that it may be the creative and social aspects of such activities which have a positive effect on participants wellbeing 0.606786
View The ndings reveal a rich array of positive benets on the participants' social wellbeing with/in the community 0.60619
View This social approach to health and wellbeing is gaining a stronger empirical support base and it is clear that such programmes form an accessible and costeffective component of mental health services 0.60611
View They show that participation in the circle provided a short-term better sense of well-being for all study participants 0.605533
View Recent research on arts-on-referral has shown that while engaging in arts programmes participants mental wellbeing significantly increases 0.605287
View Results illustrate that group singing is a joyful activity that promotes wellbeing and is life enhancing for those involved 0.604048
View Studies have shown that this kind of ongoing informal learning has positive effects on mental and emotional wellbeing for older adults 0.604021
View It was interesting that all of the six mood items on the Wellbeing Measure increased significantly after the -week programme particularly Excited and Inspired that linked into the overall creative and outdoor experience of the intervention 0.603542
View investigated the relationship between engagement in group music-making activities and wellbeing according to the Basic Psychological Needs Scale and the CASP- measure of quality of life in later life finding that even compared to other group activities group music-making had a significant positive impact on participants self-reported wellbeing for the purpose control and autonomy and social affirmation components of these scales 0.603341
View Used as a tool for promoting social inclusion arts and music have been associated with the enhancement of wellbeing 0.602942
View Overall both organisers and participants strongly believe that participation in the festival has a very positive impact on quality of life 0.60259
View Elsewhere studies have found that participation in adult education has positive impacts on older adults psychological wellbeing 0.601699
View Art-based activities help patients regardless of their disease to build a sense of self transforming the illness experience into a positive experience and improving patients well-being and quality of life [-] 0.601541
View Ensuring a positive life experience for older people is about promoting their health and functional capacity their social participation and security which contribute to overall quality of life and wellbeing 0.601535
View Interestingly the data suggests that patients with initially higher expectations showed a higher increase in well-being and body self-efficacy and less negative affect than participants with lower initial expectancies of therapy outcome 0.601181
View Social impact of participation in arts Make people feel better about where they live 0.600254