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Id 13


Description human expression and creativity, usually influenced by culture
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Art & Architecture Reference

Superclass :

Id view Topic Relation Topic1
16 View Advertizing is Subclass Of Arts
17 View Multimedia is Subclass Of Arts
18 View Environmental art is Subclass Of Arts
20 View Art crafts is Subclass Of Arts
21 View Architecture is Subclass Of Arts
22 View Visual Arts is Subclass Of Arts
23 View Performing arts is Subclass Of Arts
24 View Literature is Subclass Of Arts

Subclass :

Id view Topic Relation Topic1
10 View Art is Superclass Of Arts

Links :

Id view Topic Relation Topic1 Document
122 View Arts preventing and raising awareness HIV/AIDS View Arts-based approaches to promoting health in sub-Saharan Africa: A scoping review
100 View Arts social and economic benefits of incorporating Urban planning View Planning for creative effects: the Museum of Old and New Art