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Description long-term brain disorder causing personality changes and impaired memory, reasoning, and social function
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50 View Disease is Superclass Of Dementia

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69 View Museum engage people Dementia View Facilitation of positive social interaction through visual art in dementia: A case study using video-analysis
22 View Visual Arts improve quality of life Dementia View Visual arts in people with dementia: A systematic review Las artes visuales en personas con demencia: Revisión Sistemática
17 View Multimedia potential benefit Dementia View ‘It Brings it all Back, all those Good Times; it Makes Me Go Close to Tears’. Creating Digital Personalised Stories with People who have Dementia
31 View Singing very positive role Dementia View Music, health and wellbeing: Exploring music for health equity and social justice
69 View Museum prevent Dementia View Cultural engagement and cognitive reserve: museum attendance and dementia incidence over a 10-year period
22 View Visual Arts improve quality of life Dementia View The role of the visual arts in the resilience of people living with dementia in care homes
90 View Art therapy improves cognitive and physical functioning Dementia View Art and Healthcare - Healing Potential of Artistic Interventions in Medical Settings