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Description type of unpleasant feeling
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51 View Physical health is Superclass Of Pain

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9 View Libraries reduce Pain View Children’s literature to promote students’ global development and wellbeing
33 View Music significantly reduced anxiety and depression scores Pain View The impact of the arts in healthcare on patients and service users: A critical review
22 View Visual Arts positive effects Pain View Visual art in hospitals: Case studies and review of the evidence
31 View Singing distracts from, perceives less intensely Pain View A qualitative study exploring the effects of attending a community pain service choir on wellbeing in people who experience chronic pain
33 View Music significantly reduces Pain View Art and Healthcare - Healing Potential of Artistic Interventions in Medical Settings
90 View Art therapy reduced Pain View The use of arts interventions for mental health and wellbeing in health settings
69 View Museum reduce Pain View The art of analgesia: A pilot study of art museum tours to decrease pain and social disconnection among individuals with chronic pain