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Predefined possible social impacts

Id Possible impact
1 Improved sense of wellbeing
2 Reduced alcohol intake
3 Reduced drug addition
4 More appropriate sexual behaviour
5 Improved quality of life of people with poor health
6 Increased feeling of personal confidence
7 An enduring sentiment of joy and happiness
8 Reduced feeling of depression / anxiety
9 Higher self esteem
10 Help people extend control over their own lives
11 More propensity to adopt a healthier lifestyle
12 More availability to engage in health education
13 Allow people to explore their values,meanings and dreams
14 Better capacity to socialise
15 Extended involvement in social activities
16 Reduced isolation by helping people to make friends
17 Develop community networks and sociability
18 Economic sustainability
19 Improved competitiveness
20 Attraction of inward investments
21 New industry development
22 Support to creative industries and clusters
23 Erode the distinction between consumer and creator
24 Valorisation of local talents
25 Creation of jobs
26 Support to community projects
27 Help people feel a sense of belonging and involvement
28 New leisure facilities
29 New balance between centre and periphery
30 Involvement of residents in environmental improvements
31 Repositioning of the city image
32 Preservation of historical heritage
33 Attraction of tourism inflows
34 Improved urban marketing
35 Creation of community traditions in new towns or neighbourhoods
36 Help transform the image of public bodies
37 Improved quality of life of local people
38 Enhanced local identity
39 New cultural amenities
40 Improved quality of urban planning and design
41 Increased participation in urban life
42 Higher social capital
43 Increased civic sense
44 Increased community attachment
45 Improved ability to communicate
46 Developed contact between generations
47 Tighter social bonds in the community Increased sense of belonging to the community
48 Better understanding of communal
49 Higher neighbourhood pride
50 Strengthened community cooperation and networking
51 Greater stewardship of place
52 Improved sense of place
53 More attachment to the place
54 Better awareness of community identity
55 Better understanding of diversity
56 Promote tolerance and contribute to conflict resolution
57 Respect for other?s opinions
58 Repudiation of any sort of discrimination
59 Enhanced intercultural contact and cooperation
60 Improved perceptions of marginalised groups