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Id 2111
Author Yang M.
Title Effect of Reading Activities on Children's Mental Health under the Environment of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Yang M. Effect of Reading Activities on Children's Mental Health under the Environment of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning,Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2022

Keywords Artificial Intelligence; Books; Child; Deep Learning; Humans; Mental Health; Reading; article; artificial intelligence; child; conversation; deep learning; female; human; human experiment; learning; male; mental health; psychological well-being; reading; retina image; skill; thinking; writing; artificial intelligence; book; mental health; reading
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Abstract The illustrations in picture books are lovely and emotional; pictures and text work together to express a theme and weave into one another to create a seamless and comprehensive visual image in picture books. Reading helps children improve for life and is an unending source of wealth in one's life. Picture book reading has a positive effect on children's psychological well-being since it allows them to develop different intelligences and their spiritual worlds in addition to reading stories and learning facts. This thesis investigates, against the backdrop of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, the impact of reading activities on children's psychological health. Deep learning and AI are the tools used where students can engage in a more in-depth conversation with the article and comprehend the author's mindset and background after completing the basic reading. This can help students' analytical, thinking, writing, and other application skills, as well as give them the opportunity to learn from and build upon their first reading accumulation. Research has shown that this method produces impressive results, and it is suited for widespread use because its reasonable strength has improved by 17.24% when compared to the conventional method. © 2022 Mengqi Yang.



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