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Id 2135
Author Blundell J.; Poole S.
Title Poetry in a pandemic. Digital shared reading for wellbeing

Blundell J.; Poole S. Poetry in a pandemic. Digital shared reading for wellbeing,Journal of Poetry Therapy

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Abstract Unexpectedly taking place in the midst of a pandemic, this research examined historical and contemporary assumptions about the relationship between storytelling and wellbeing and asked how a shared reading group might be used to help repair individuals and communities as they emerge into the post-Covid world. It asked how storytelling can help us to come to terms with the collective trauma we have experienced by developing empathy and enlarging identity, and considered the role of digital technology in creating safe spaces for connection and reflection. The research aimed to provide a nuanced and in-depth account of the experience of shared reading for wellbeing, and to make practical recommendations for the future of such initiatives in community settings. It identified significant risks in shared reading and asked how these can be minimised, whilst being wary of stifling the many benefits of creativity by becoming too risk averse. © 2022 National Association for Poetry Therapy.



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