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Author Kashihara S.; Nguyen V.D.Q.; Suzuki N.
Title Exploring Measures for Urban Heritage Conservation in Its Early Stages A comparative study between Ho Chi Minh City and Yokohama City

Kashihara S.; Nguyen V.D.Q.; Suzuki N. Exploring Measures for Urban Heritage Conservation in Its Early Stages A comparative study between Ho Chi Minh City and Yokohama City,International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 10 3

Keywords Ho Chi Minh City; Honshu; Japan; Kanagawa; Kanto; Viet Nam; Yokohama; comparative study; heritage conservation; legislation; policy analysis; urban area; urban design
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Abstract This study proposes measures to improve urban heritage conservation in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam, by comparing it with Yokohama City (YC), Japan. Based on the past literature on the development stages of urban heritage management, two aspects critical for successful heritage conservation—legal framework and management structure—were examined. The common drawbacks associated with these two aspects and the countermeasures taken for advancement in the early stages of heritage conservation in the two cities were compared. In addition to policy analysis, indepth interviews with officials and experts were conducted to collect data between 2013 and 2015. The results show that while both cities faced the need for legalisation in the first stage of their heritage conservation, YC could systematically move to the second stage to accelerate its legislative process and establish an urban design division and an external expert team. In the second stage, both cities lacked powerful incentives and enforcement, but YC has supplemented its enforcement measures, persistent negotiation and coordination activities to actively apply its incentives. The solutions for HCMC focus on proposing additional incentives and sanctions to enable its Department of Planning and Architecture officials to effectively negotiate with owners and investors and develop a legal framework while conducting pilot projects to inform legalisation. An urban conservation team within the government to collaborate with organisations specialised in conservation is also proposed to improve the city's management structure. © 2022. Press from, SPSD Press, Kanazawa. All Rights Reserved.



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