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Author Jonsson A.-P.; Haas T.
Title New urban developments in a heritage area. A case study of Skeppsholmsviken 6 in Stockholm, Sweden

Jonsson A.-P.; Haas T. New urban developments in a heritage area. A case study of Skeppsholmsviken 6 in Stockholm, Sweden,A Research Agenda for Urban Tourism

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Abstract A vibrant visitor industry can be a useful indicator of good urban environments. People choose to visit a destination because there is something to see there; there is something worth experiencing. It is well-known that heritage spaces score high on lists of what people enjoy and look for when travelling. Stockholm is no different from other cities in this regard. Some of the most visited destinations in the capital include Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and Djurg√•rden (the Royal National City Park). Both places are the result of hundreds of years of history, careful development and many generations of residents placing their “footprints” on the social milieu of the place; such places cannot easily be replaced or “fast-tracked” into being. In other words, there is an imperative to manage new urban developments in such places carefully, especially since they are often the site of conflicting interests. To better understand the challenges this imperative might place on planning practices, this case study follows the planning process of a plot located on Djurg√•rden in Stockholm. The case study will observe that conflicting interests and values between residents, urban heritage professionals and private corporate actors - with regards to how such a plot should be allowed to develop - highlight the complicated nature of planning in heritage areas. © Jan van der Borg 2022.



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