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Id 2338
Author Akeroyd J.; Herman E.; Nicholas D.; Watkinson A.
Title Health and Medical Researcher Publishing Patterns and How Libraries Support Them

Akeroyd J.; Herman E.; Nicholas D.; Watkinson A. Health and Medical Researcher Publishing Patterns and How Libraries Support Them,Serials Librarian 83 2

Keywords article; awareness; financial management; human; librarian; library; publishing; scholarly communication
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Abstract Changing business models in scholarly publishing means that researchers have increased choices as to where to submit their articles. Choices are made on the basis of perceived quality of the journal, the speed of publishing, and how close a match there is between the journal scope and the article topic. Additionally, there is an increasing concern as to whether the journals are predatory. This paper reports on a study which sought to understand how health researchers go about selecting where to publish and the support that they receive in this regard from librarians and related staff. The research confirms that knowledge of a specific journal is still the predominant factor for researchers and that they prefer to rely on their own judgment. Librarians are providing the tools such as databases and whitelists by which better choices can be made whilst exploring new roles in advising and training researchers. Predatory journals are being selected by some, chiefly as a consequence of a lack of awareness amongst researchers and the need for some to publish swiftly and at low cost. © 2022, Published with license by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. © 2022 John Akeroyd, Eti Herman, Dave Nicholas and Anthony Watkinson.



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