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2321 View Cisney L.B.; Hoover B.; Thormodson K. The Technology, Budget, and Other Challenges of Growing Health Systems on Academic Health Sciences Libraries: A Deeper Dive 103.261
2339 View Campbell A. User Experience (UX) Librarianship and Health Sciences Libraries (HSLs) 106.203
2382 View Darban F.; Mir M.; Sabzevari S. Training by multimedia messaging service method, a solution to improve knowledge, attitude, and performance of health workers: A quasi- experimental study 108.051
2115 View Londra F.; Saux G. The effect of document source trustworthiness on the evaluation and strategic use of embedded sources when reading health information online 108.841
2129 View Leroy C.; Kammerer Y. Reading multiple documents on a health-related issue: the roles of a text-highlighting tool and re-reading behaviour in integrated understanding 110.165
2266 View Murphy J. Transforming health science libraries around the globe: The impact of technology 110.289
2313 View Bourgeois J.P. Graduate students in public health predict their actual usage of different library services and resources quite accurately 110.518
2329 View Hirt J.; Schönenberger C.M.; Ewald H.; Lawson D.O.; Papola D.; Rohner R.; Suter K.; Lin S.; Germini F.; Zeng L.; Shahabinezhad A.; Chowdhury S.R.; Gao Y.; Bhattacharjee A.; Lima J.P.; Marusic A.; Buljan I.; Agarwal A.; Guyatt G.H.; Briel M.; Schandelmaier S. Introducing the Library of Guidance for Health Scientists (LIGHTS): A Living Database for Methods Guidance 110.556
2013 View Thomas J.A.; Trigg J.; Morris J.; Miller E.; Ward P.R. Exploring the potential of citizen science for public health through an alcohol advertising case study 110.589
2283 View Williams N.A. Personal librarian programs in medical and academic health sciences libraries: a preliminary study 114.166
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