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Id 561
Author Hsu K.-W., Lin M.-L., Chao J.-C., Huang S.-F.
Title Constructing an evaluation framework for eco-museum operations-management performance, based on the case of Jhushan, Taiwan

Hsu K.-W., Lin M.-L., Chao J.-C., Huang S.-F.; Constructing an evaluation framework for eco-museum operations-management performance, based on the case of Jhushan, Taiwan ;Sustainability (Switzerland) vol:10.0 issue: 6.0 page:

Keywords Bamboo craft; Eco-museum; Operation management performance
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Abstract The bamboo-art industry in Taiwans Jhushan Township is inseparable from local life. In the face of local industrial-development difficulties in smaller towns, the Taiwan government aimed to achieve a range of (re)development goals using eco-museums as collaboration platforms and required such museums to combine their operations management with cultural preservation, local industrial development, and local residents goals. As such, the likely future performance of such operations management has emerged as a crucially important factor in decision-making about whether such museums should be constructed. This study, therefore, reviews the relevant literature on the operations-management performance of museums, with special attention to eco-museums, and proposes an operations-management performance measurement framework for eco-museums based on that review and a two-stage questionnaire administered to experts. The first stage utilized the Fuzzy Delphi Method, which focuses on impact factors, and the second, the Analytica Network Process Method, deals with performance factors. The results indicate that the key impacts on the performance of eco-museums and their operations management were, in order of importance, (1) community symbiosis, (2) cultural inheritance, and (3) regional revitalization. The preservation of cultural heritage, local identity, and community participation are the most important criteria in the operations management of eco-museums, and Jhushan Town can promote such museums through these guidelines. © 2018 by the authors.



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