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Author Hutchinson, J., C.; Karageorghis, C., I.; Black, J., D.
Title The Diabeates Project: Perceptual, Affective and Psychophysiological Effects of Music and Music-Video in a Clinical Exercise Setting.

Hutchinson, J. C., Karageorghis, C. I., & Black, J. D. (2017). The diabeates project: Perceptual, affective and psychophysiological effects of music and music-video in a clinical exercise setting. Canadian journal of diabetes, 41(1), 90-96.

Keywords affect attention; dissociation; exercise; enjoyment; type 2 diabetes; music; video
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Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of music and music-video on perceptual (attentional focus, rated perceived exertion), affective (affective valence and enjoyment) and psychophysiological (blood glucose, heart rate) variables in outpatients attending a diabetes exercise clinic.

Metodology A power analysis was undertaken based on a medium-effect size (Cohen’s d = 0.46) derived from variables that were common to the present study and assessed in a recent nonclinical study (12), an alpha level of .05 and power at .8. The analysis indicated that 20 participants would be required; an additional 4 participants were recruited to facilitate full counterbalancing and to protect against attrition and deletions due to outliers

Technique Statistics; Parametric analysis; Multivariate analysis of variance; Bonferroni-adjusted pairwise comparations

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