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Author Brown K., Eernstman N., Huke A.R., Reding N.
Title The drama of resilience: Learning, doing, and sharing for sustainability

Brown K., Eernstman N., Huke A.R., Reding N.; The drama of resilience: Learning, doing, and sharing for sustainability ;Ecology and Society vol:22.0 issue: 2.0 page:

Keywords Climate change; Coastal communities; Forum theatre; Participatory drama
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Abstract We discuss the use of participatory drama and transformative theatre to understand the sources of risk and resilience with coastal communities. We analyze and describe two performances developed as part of a project exploring people’s resilience to extreme weather events and to coastal dynamics in the face of climate change. We examine the process of devising the performance, which used various elicitation techniques to examine what matters to people in times of change and how people are able to respond to changes now and in the future. We discuss how creative practices such as participatory drama may contribute to the understanding of resilience, challenge assumptions, and bring new perspectives. Finally, we discuss how participatory drama informs action- and solutions-oriented work around resilience, poverty, and change. © 2017 by the author(s).



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