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Author Delanaey, L., ; Keaney, E.,
Title Cultural Participation, Social Capital and Civil Renewal in the United Kingdom: Statistical Evidence from National and International Survey Data.

Delanaey, L.; Keaney, E. (2006). Cultural Participation, Social Capital and Civil Renewal in the United Kingdom: Statistical Evidence from National and International Survey Data. London: Institute for Public Policy Research.

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Abstract Although much recent policy discussion on civil renewal and social capital has touched on the relationship between these and cultural participation, this has not been explored in depth. This paper begins to redress this through some initial mapping based on analysis of raw data from existing studies and discussion of the results. We first provide measures of both the extent of cultural participation and the level of social capital in Britain, using individual survey information from a variety of different data sources. Secondly, we compare the level of social capital and cultural participation in Britain with the rest of the EU. Thirdly, we statistically examine linkages between different types of cultural participation and individual measures of social capital. Lastly, we examine the statistical association between levels of cultural participation and of social capital both for individuals and nationally. While making causal inferences from this type of analysis is not recommended, the results provide valuable benchmarking information and will be useful as a background to future research. The results demonstrate substantial correlations between measures of social capital and measures of cultural participation, both at the national level and, within Britain, at the individual level. Further research should examine the use of more detailed statistical methods and programme evaluation techniques to ascertain whether the correlations we observe reflect a causative effect of cultural participation on social capital.


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