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2389 View Wang Y.; Wang Z.; Liu G.; Wang Z.; Wang Q.; Yan Y.; Wang J.; Zhu Y.; Gao W.; Kan X.; Zhang Z.; Jia L.; Pang X. Application of Serious Games in Health Care: Scoping Review and Bibliometric Analysis 100.085
2266 View Murphy J. Transforming health science libraries around the globe: The impact of technology 115.441
2272 View Zhang J.; Zhang Y.; Xie Z. Using technology to promote the development of health science libraries in China 116.924
2452 View Abd-Alrazaq A.; Abuelezz I.; Hassan A.; AlSammarraie A.; Alhuwail D.; Irshaidat S.; Abu Serhan H.; Ahmed A.; Alabed Alrazak S.; Househ M. Artificial Intelligence–Driven Serious Games in Health Care: Scoping Review 118.418
2321 View Cisney L.B.; Hoover B.; Thormodson K. The Technology, Budget, and Other Challenges of Growing Health Systems on Academic Health Sciences Libraries: A Deeper Dive 119.543
2271 View Miller R.A.; Shortliffe E.H. Corrigendum: The roles of the US National Library of Medicine and Donald A.B. Lindberg in revolutionizing biomedical and health informatics (Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (2021) 28:12 (2728-2737) DOI: 10.1093/jamia/ocab245) 119.93
2298 View Jameson J.; Duhon L. A 10-year follow-up survey of US academic libraries highlights the COVID-19 experience and greater interest in health information outreach 122.586
2268 View Zhou X.; Yu X. Value Cognition and Practice Exploration of Public Library Health Service 123.503
2382 View Darban F.; Mir M.; Sabzevari S. Training by multimedia messaging service method, a solution to improve knowledge, attitude, and performance of health workers: A quasi- experimental study 126.893
2466 View Lamas S.; Rebelo S.; da Costa S.; Sousa H.; Zagalo N.; Pinto E. The Influence of Serious Games in the Promotion of Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Health: A Systematic Review 130.418
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