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69 View Ander, E.; Thomson, L.; Lanceley, A.; Menon, U.; Noble, G. Heritage, Health and Wellbeing: Assessing the impact of a heritage focused intervention on health and wellbeing. heritage; museum; health; wellbeing; object handling; arts in hospital Article
114 View Fancourt, D.; Steptoe, A.; Cadar, D. Cultural engagement and cognitive reserve: museum attendance and dementia incidence over a 10-year period dementia; cultural engagement; museums; social engagement; cognitive reserve Article
115 View Grossi, E.; Blessi, G. T.; Sacco, P.L. Magic moments: Determinants of stress relief and subjective wellbeing from visiting a cultural heritage site. culture; heritage; mental health; wellbeing; cortisol; stress Article
128 View Geng-qing Chi, C., ; Caia, R., ; Li, Y., Factors influencing residents’ subjective well-being at World Heritage Sites Heritage tourism; Tourism impacts; Support for tourism; Social environment; Sense of community Article
140 View Beeksma, A., ; Chiara , D., C. Participatory heritage in a gentrifying neighbourhood: Amsterdam’s Van Eesteren Museum as affective space of negotiations Participation; Neighbourhood museums; Local government; Governmentality; State-led gentrification; Heritage of modernism Article
146 View Sandell, R., Social inclusion, the museum and the dynamics of sectoral change. Social inclusion; Museums; Organizational change Article
147 View Gallou, E., ; Fouseki, K., Applying Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Principles in Assessing Contribution of Cultural Heritage to Social Sustainability. Social impact assessment; Heritage management; Participation; Value assessment; Rural landscape; Cultural heritage; Indicators; Evaluation Article
164 View Thomson, L. J.; Lockyer, B.; Camic, P. M.; Chatterjee, H. J. Effects of a museum-based social prescription intervention on quantitative measures of psychological wellbeing in older adults emotion; intervention; measures; older adults; psychological wellbeing; social prescribing Article
168 View Morse, N.; Thomson, L.J.M.; Brown, Z.; Chatterjee, H.J. Effects of creative museum outreach sessions on measures of confidence, sociability and well-being for mental health and addiction recovery service-users inferential statistics; mental health; rehabilitation; thematic analysis; visual arts Article
177 View Thomson, L. J. M.; Chatterjee, H. J. Well-Being With Objects: Evaluating a Museum ObjectHandling Intervention for Older Adults in Health Care Settings happiness; health care; measures; museum object-handling intervention; subjective well-being Article
183 View Binnie, J. Does Viewing Art in the Museum Reduce Anxiety and Improve Wellbeing? museum; viewing art; anxiety; wellbeing Article
184 View Yung, E., H. K.; Zhang, Q., ; Chan, E., H. Underlying social factors for evaluating heritage conservation in urban renewal districts Social factors; Evaluation; Heritage conservation; Urban renewal; Hong Kong Article
188 View Backman, M., ; Nilsson, P., The role of cultural heritage in attracting skilled individuals Built heritages; Human capital; Regional growth; Multilevel; Attracting skilled labor Article
696 View Thomson L.J., Morse N., Elsden E., Chatterjee H.J. Art, nature and mental health: assessing the biopsychosocial effects of a ‘creative green prescription’ museum programme involving horticulture, artmaking and collections creative activities; green prescriptions; mental health service user; mixed methods; museum intervention; psychological wellbeing; social prescribing Article
697 View Parry M.S. Public health heritage and policy: HIV and aids in museums and archives Herança e política de saúde pública: HIV e aids em museus e arquivos AIDS; Collections; HIV; Museums; Public history Article
698 View Tymoszuk U., Perkins R., Spiro N., Williamon A., Fancourt D. Longitudinal associations between short-term, repeated, and sustained arts engagement and well-being outcomes in Older Adults Cohort study; Cultural participation; Eudaimonic well-being; Evaluative well-being; Hedonic well-being Article
699 View Beauchet O., Cooper-Brown L., Hayashi Y., Galery K., Vilcocq C., Bastien T. Effects of thursdays at the Museum at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the mental and physical health of older community dwellers: The art-health randomized clinical trial protocol Art; Health; Museum; Older adults; Quality of life; Randomized controlled trial; Well-being Article
700 View Ring F. Art of medicine: Should we be laughing more in art museums and hospitals? Article
701 View Tymoszuk U., Perkins R., Fancourt D., Williamon A. Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between receptive arts engagement and loneliness among older adults Ageing; Arts; Cohort study; Cultural engagement; ELSA; Perceived isolation Article
702 View Rogers N.T., Fancourt D. Cultural Engagement Is a Risk-Reducing Factor for Frailty Incidence and Progression Ageing; Cultural engagement; Frailty; Psychosocial Article
703 View Konrath S. Museums as Weavers of the Invisible Strings that Connect us art museums; empathy; evidence-based practices; individualism; meaning; narcissism; social and emotional needs; Temporal trends; trust Article
704 View Fancourt D., Steptoe A. Cultural engagement and mental health: Does socio-economic status explain the association? Cultural engagement; Depression; Mental health; Social gradient; Socio-economic status Article
705 View Mastandrea S., Maricchiolo F., Carrus G., Giovannelli I., Giuliani V., Berardi D. Visits to figurative art museums may lower blood pressure and stress art museum; blood pressure; figurative and modern art styles; psycho-physiological measures; Restorativeness Article
706 View Monsuez J.-J., François V., Ratiney R., Trinchet I., Polomeni P., Sebbane G., Muller S., Litout M., Castagno C., Frandji D. Museum moving to inpatients: Le louvre à l’hôpital Art therapy; Hospital-related stress; Museum Article
707 View Koebner I.J., Fishman S.M., Paterniti D., Sommer D., Witt C.M., Ward D., Joseph J.G. The art of analgesia: A pilot study of art museum tours to decrease pain and social disconnection among individuals with chronic pain Analgesia; Art; Museum; Pain; Public Health; Social Context Article
708 View Fancourt D., Steptoe A. The art of life and death: 14 year follow-up analyses of associations between arts engagement and mortality in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing Article
709 View Morse N., Chatterjee H. Museums, health and wellbeing research: co-developing a new observational method for people with dementia in hospital contexts collaboration; dementia; museums and arts for health; observational method; wellbeing Article
710 View Jensen A. Mental health recovery and arts engagement Arts and health; Arts engagement; Mental health; Museum/gallery; Recovery Article
712 View Mastandrea S., Fagioli S., Biasi V. Art and psychological well-being: Linking the brain to the aesthetic emotion Aesthetic appraisal; Aesthetic emotion; Art museum; Art-based learning; Emotion regulation; Neuroaesthetics; Well-being Article
713 View Fancourt D., Steptoe A. Cultural engagement predicts changes in cognitive function in older adults over a 10 year period: Findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing Article
714 View Saavedra J., Arias S., Crawford P., Pérez E. Impact of creative workshops for people with severe mental health problems: art as a means of recovery Mental health; museum; recovery; schizophrenia; visual arts Article
716 View Todd C., Camic P.M., Lockyer B., Thomson L.J.M., Chatterjee H.J. Museum-based programs for socially isolated older adults: Understanding what works Healthy ageing; Museums; Social isolation; Social prescribing, older people; Wellbeing Article
717 View Roe B., McCormick S., Lucas T., Gallagher W., Winn A., Elkin S. Coffee, Cake & Culture: Evaluation of an art for health programme for older people in the community arts for health; care home; community; dementia; older people Article
719 View Wilson L., Bryant W., Reynolds F., Lawson J. Therapeutic outcomes in a museum? “You dont get them by aiming for them”. How a focus on arts participation promotes inclusion and well-being health promotion; mental health; visual arts Article
720 View Zazulak J., Halgren C., Tan M., Grierson L.E.M. The impact of an arts-based programme on the affective and cognitive components of empathic development Article
721 View Ketch R.A., Rubin R.T., Baker M.R., Sones A.C., Ames D. Art appreciation for veterans with severe mental illness in a VA Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center art appreciation; mental health; veterans Article
722 View Paddon H.L., Thomson L.J.M., Menon U., Lanceley A.E., Chatterjee H.J. Mixed methods evaluation of well-being benefits derived from a heritage-in-health intervention with hospital patients happiness; material objects; mixed methods; museum object handling; wellbeing Article
724 View Ander E.E., Thomson L.J.M., Blair K., Noble G., Menon U., Lanceley A., Chatterjee H.J. Using museum objects to improve wellbeing in mental health service users and neurological rehabilitation clients Museum object; Qualitative analysis; Wellbeing Article
725 View Camic P.M., Chatterjee H.J. Museums and art galleries as partners for public health interventions art galleries; community-based interventions; health inequalities; health promotion; museums; social inclusion; well-being Article
726 View Gamoneda A. Thyssen: Relationship between museum and health Thyssen: Relaciones entre museo y salud Accesibility; Community; Especial needs; Habilities; Network; Visibility Article
727 View Rocha V., Schall V.T., Lemos E.D.S. The contribution of a science museum towards formation of healthcare concepts among young visitors A contribuição de um museu de ciências na formação de concepções sobre saúde de jovens visitantes Health and environment; Health education; Learning in museums; Meaningful learning; Scientific exhibitions Article
728 View Deane K., Fitch M., Carman M. An innovative art therapy program for cancer patients. Article
729 View Whitesell E.R. A day at the museum: The impact of field trips on middle school science achievement achievement; field trips/excursions; informal science; museum education; urban education Article
730 View Camic P.M., Baker E.L., Tischler V. Theorizing how art gallery interventions impact people with dementia and their caregivers Art galleries and museums; Arts and health; Caregivers; Creativity; Dementia care; Grounded theory; Public health Article
732 View Bandelli A. Assessing scientific citizenship through science centre visitor studies Article
733 View Korfmacher K.S., Garrison V. Partnering to reduce environmental hazards through a community-based healthy home museum: Education for action Article
734 View Haga S.B., Rosanbalm K.D., Boles L., Tindall G.M., Livingston T.M., ODaniel J.M. Promoting public awareness and engagement in genome sciences Attitudes; Community; Education; Engagement; Genomics; Knowledge; Research Article
736 View Rahm J. Multiple Modes of Meaning-Making in a Science Center Article
737 View Remesar A. Public Art in Urban Regeneration. Piotrkowska street. Pride of a city: Łódź Lodz; Piotrkowska street; Public Art; Urban Regeneration Article
738 View Morrison C. Public Art Replacement on the Mapocho River: Erasure, Renewal, and a Conflict of Cultural Value in Santiago de Chile cleaning; cultural heritage; graffiti erasure; muralism; Museo Arte de Luz Article
739 View Padilla-Llano S.E., Machado-Penso M.V., Reyes-Schade E., Larios-Giraldo P.M., Cabrera-Sánchez I., Martínez-Palacios E., González-Forero D., Tapias-Martínez J. Barrio El Prado: A living museum for the city of Barranquilla Barrio el prado un museo vivo para la ciudad de Barranquilla. City´s Image; Heritage; Museum; Public Art; Public Space; Urban Identity Article
740 View Vardopoulos I., Stamopoulos C., Chatzithanasis G., Michalakelis C., Giannouli P., Pastrapa E. Considering urban development paths and processes on account of adaptive reuse projects Adaptive reuse; Cultural heritage; Smart city; Sustainable urban development; Urban regeneration Article
741 View Rogelja I. The Museumification of Treasure Hill: Authenticity, Authority and Art in a Taiwanese Urban Village authenticity; creative city; gentrification; museumification; Taiwan Article
742 View Mantziou L. Museum Cluster as Urban Defibrillator Article
743 View Booth K. Thinking through lines: locating perception and experience in place Bilbao Effect; lines; Mona; museum of old and new art; place; social transformation; urban regeneration Article
744 View Booth K., O’Connor J. Planning for creative effects: the Museum of Old and New Art Bilbao Effect; Glenorchy; Mona; urban planning; urban regeneration Article
745 View Lange-Valdés C. Architecture as an apparatus of urban regeneration: 20 years of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum La arquitectura como dispositivo de regeneración urbana: 20 años del Museo Guggenheim Bilbao Bilbao; Guggenheim Museum; Social practices; Urban transformation; Urbanity Article
746 View Onesti A. Built environment, creativity, social art: The recovery of public space as engine of human development Article
747 View Collazo A.A. Progress, mobility and Urban regeneration in a traditional neighbourhood: El Encino, Mexico City planning; Cultural heritage site; Mobility; Sustainable city; Urban image Article
750 View Plaza B., Haarich S.N. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Between Regional Embeddedness and Global Networking Article
751 View Fremaux S., Fremaux M. Remembering the beatles legacy in hamburgs problematic tourism strategy Beatles; Heritage; Museums; Music; Urban renewal Article
752 View Cristina M., Loreta C., Daniel P., George M., Cristian D., Radu P. The role of technical museums in the regeneration of industrial functionally, restructured regions (Romania) Conversion; Cultural regeneration; Industrial heritage; Romania; Technical museums Article
753 View Dean C., Donnellan C., Pratt A.C. Tate Modern: Pushing the limits of regeneration Culture; London; Museums; Regeneration; Social inclusion Article
754 View Plaza B., Tironi M., Haarich S.N. Bilbaos art scene and the Guggenheim effect revisited Article
845 View Moualla Y., McPherson G. Making change towards inclusive societies: The soft power of community archaeology in building cultural heritage in Mozan, Syria Community archaeology; Cultural diplomacy; Cultural heritage; Cultural tourism; Inclusion; Inclusive growth; Soft power; Syria Article
846 View Guachalla A. Social inclusion and audience development at the Royal Opera House: a tourist perspective Audience development; Cultural tourism; Social inclusion Article
847 View Power A., Smyth K. Heritage, health and place: The legacies of local community-based heritage conservation on social wellbeing Community; Health enabling spaces; Heritage; Older people; Therapeutic landscapes Article
849 View Barelkowski R. Involving social participation in the preservation of heritage: The experience of Greater Poland and Kujavia Preservation strategies; Social and economic aspects in heritage; Social participation Article
2153 View Macdonald L.; Nicholls N.; Gallou E.; Monckton L.; Mitchell R. Is spatial exposure to heritage associated with visits to heritage and to mental health? A cross-sectional study using data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) Adult; Cross-Sectional Studies; Female; Humans; Longitudinal Studies; Male; Mental Disorders; Mental Health; United Kingdom; adult; cross-sectional study; epidemiology; female; human; longitudinal study; male; mental disease; mental health; United Kingdom Article
2156 View Williams L.R.; Adams Rueda H. Witnessing Intimate Partner Violence Across Contexts: Mental Health, Delinquency, and Dating Violence Outcomes Among Mexican Heritage Youth Adolescent; Crime Victims; Cross-Sectional Studies; Exposure to Violence; Humans; Intimate Partner Violence; Mental Health; United States; adolescent; article; crime; dating violence; delinquency; exposure to violence; female; human; human experiment; immigrant; immigration; incidence; inheritance; juvenile; major clinical study; male; mental health; Mexican American; partner violence; peer group; poverty; risk factor; United States; witness; crime victim; cross-sectional study; mental health; psychology Article
2157 View Pringle Y.; Musisi S. HERITAGE, DEVELOPMENT, AND MENTAL HEALTH Article
2160 View Everill P.; Burnell K. Archaeology, Heritage, and Wellbeing: Authentic, Powerful, and Therapeutic Engagement with the Past Article
2161 View Gallou E. Heritage and pathways to wellbeing: From personal to social benefits, between experience identity and capability shaping Article
2163 View Gallou E.; Uzzell D.; Sofaer J. Perceived place qualities, restorative effects and self-reported wellbeing benefits of visits to heritage sites: Empirical evidence from a visitor survey in England Article
2166 View Sektani H.H.J.; Khayat M.; Mohammadi M.; Roders A.P. Factors Linking Perceptions of Built Heritage Conservation and Subjective Wellbeing Article
2167 View Vukmirović M.; Nikolić M. Industrial heritage preservation and the urban revitalisation process in Belgrade Belgrade; Serbia; heritage conservation; urban development; urban renewal; waterfront development Article
2169 View Ornelas C.; Guedes J.M.; Breda‐vázquez I.; Guinea V.G.; Turri A. Urban Heritage Rehabilitation: Institutional Stakeholders’ Contributions to Improve Implementation of Urban and Building Regulations Article
2170 View Hesein M.; Al-Belushi M.A.K. Vegetation, Bulldozing, and Urban Change-Related Risks to Built Heritage in Bawshar, Oman Article
2171 View Liu Y.; Jin X.; Dupre K. Engaging stakeholders in contested urban heritage planning and management China; Dalian; Liaoning; heritage conservation; management practice; neighborhood; perception; sense of place; stakeholder; urban planning Article
2172 View Tzortzi J.N.; Guaita L.; Kouzoupi A. Sustainable Strategies for Urban and Landscape Regeneration Related to Agri-Cultural Heritage in the Urban-Periphery of South Milan Agri; Milan Milano ; Turkey; cultural heritage; fragmentation; landscape; regeneration; rural landscape Article
2175 View Lam-Knott S. Contested Meanings of Urban Heritage in Hong Kong China; Hong Kong; civil society; cultural heritage; cultural landscape; ethnography; governance approach; post-colonialism; redevelopment; urban geography; urban society Article
2176 View Law A.M. Historical imaginaries, historic urban branding, and the local state in China: rejuvenation discourse, manufactured heritage and simulacrascapes Article
2177 View Banerjee I. Production of Railwayscape in urban environment: Analysing railway heritage tourism potential in Siliguri City, India India; catalyst; heritage tourism; railway transport; remote sensing; spatial distribution; urban planning Article
2178 View Boukri M.; Farsi M.N.; Mebarki A. Rapid Earthquake Loss Estimation Model for Algerian Urban Heritage: Case of Blida City Algeria; Blida; Damage detection; Earthquake effects; Equations of motion; Maps; Motion estimation; Risk assessment; Seismic design; Algeria; Algerian urban heritage; Blida city; Decisions makings; Disaster decision making; GIS risk map; Loss assessment; Risk maps; Risk mitigation; XX Century; cultural heritage; decision making; disaster; earthquake; estimation method; GIS; mitigation; risk assessment; Risk perception Article
2180 View Leão M.T.G.; Brandão F.A. Universities’ built heritage as a means to diversify urban tourist destinations’ cultural supply: the case of the University of Porto Article
2181 View Li J.; Dai T.; Yin S.; Zhao Y.; Ikiz Kaya D.; Yang L. Promoting conservation or change? The UNESCO label of world heritage (re)shaping urban morphology in the Old Town of Lijiang, China Article
2183 View Szekely D.; Vert S.; Rotaru O.; Andone D. Usability Evaluation with Eye Tracking: The Case of a Mobile Augmented Reality Application with Historical Images for Urban Cultural Heritage Article
2184 View Jamhawi M.M.; Zidan R.J.; Sherzad M.F. Tourist Movement Patterns and the Effects of Spatial Configuration in a Cultural Heritage and Urban Destination: The Case of Madaba, Jordan Jordan; Madaba; connectivity; cultural heritage; heritage tourism; movement; preservation; spatial analysis; tourist destination Article
2185 View Kashihara S.; Nguyen V.D.Q.; Suzuki N. Exploring Measures for Urban Heritage Conservation in Its Early Stages A comparative study between Ho Chi Minh City and Yokohama City Ho Chi Minh City; Honshu; Japan; Kanagawa; Kanto; Viet Nam; Yokohama; comparative study; heritage conservation; legislation; policy analysis; urban area; urban design Article
2186 View González-Pérez J.M.; Novo-Malvárez M. Ibiza (Spain) World Heritage Site: Socio-Urban Processes in a Touristified Space Ibiza; Spain; World; UNESCO Article
2187 View Gustafsson C.; Ripp M. A metamodel for heritage-based urban recovery Article
2188 View Foroughi M.; de Andrade B.; Roders A.P.; Wang T. Public participation and consensus-building in urban planning from the lens of heritage planning: A systematic literature review cultural heritage; database; decision making; literature review; local participation; urban planning Article
2189 View Wolniewicz P. Classification and Quantification of Urban Geodiversity and Its Intersection with Cultural Heritage Poland Central Europe ; Poznan Poland ; assessment method; cultural heritage; geodiversity; interdisciplinary approach; qualitative analysis; quantitative analysis; tourism development Article
2190 View Cermeño H.; Mielke K. Endangered Urban Commons: Lahore’s Violent Heritage Management and Prospects for Reconciliation Article
2191 View Cho K.Y.; Kusumo C.M.L.; Tan K.K.H.; Rasoolimanesh S.M. A systematic review of indicators for sustainability of urban heritage sites Article
2192 View Smith M.E.; Ortman S.G.; Lobo J. Heritage sites, climate change, and urban science Article
2193 View Guidetti E.; Ferrara M. Embodied energy in existing buildings as a tool for sustainable intervention on urban heritage Buildings; Energy efficiency; Energy management; Historic preservation; Life cycle; Sustainable development; Adaptive re use; Circular economy; Decisions makings; Embodied energy; Energy use; Life cycle energy analysis; Refurbishment; Renovation; Reuse; Urban environments; building; decision making; energy efficiency; life cycle analysis; urban area; Decision making Article
2194 View Jiang Y.; Zhang R. Characteristics of urban agricultural heritage sites: Policies and management methods for their conservation in China, Germany, and Italy China; agricultural policy; conservation management; factor analysis; policy implementation; strategic approach Article
2195 View Ornelas C.; Sousa F.; Guedes J.M.; Breda-Vázquez I. Monitoring and Assessment Heritage Tool: Quantify and classify urban heritage buildings building; complementarity; cultural heritage; decision making; monitoring; quantitative analysis; statistical analysis; urban area Article
2196 View Qian Z. Heritage conservation as a territorialised urban strategy: conservative reuse of socialist industrial heritage in China Article
2197 View Jiménez Martín D.; Ramírez Saiz A.; Ajuriaguerra Escudero M.A. Urban Accessibility in World Heritage Cities. Accessibility Considerations in Pedestrian Routes in Historic City Centres Aged; Cities; Disabled Persons; Humans; Pedestrians; Spain; Accessible heritage; City centers; Condition; Design Principles; Historic centres; Historic city; Information sources; Pedestrian routes; Universal Design; Urban accessibilities; aged; city; disabled person; human; pedestrian; Spain Article
2198 View Amper B.M., Jr. Families on the Streets: Placemaking in an Urban Heritage Site in Cebu City, the Philippines Article
2200 View Zhou T.; Zang T.; Jiang J.; Yang X.; Ikebe K. Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Social Participation Awareness on Urban Heritage Conservation: The Example of Suzhou, China China; Jiangsu; Suzhou; cognition; developing world; heritage conservation; knowledge; lifestyle; local participation; memory; participatory approach; residence time Article
2201 View Kim H.; Kim H.; Woosnam K.M. Collaborative governance and conflict management in cultural heritage-led regeneration projects: The case of urban Korea Mokpo; South Cholla; South Korea; conflict management; cultural heritage; governance approach; qualitative analysis; stakeholder; urban area Article
2202 View Eckardt F.; Alsadaty A. Urban Heritage in Transformation: Physical and Non-Physical Dimensions of Changing Contexts Article
2203 View Kádár B.; Klaniczay J. Branding Built Heritage through Cultural Urban Festivals: An Instagram Analysis Related to Sustainable Co-Creation, in Budapest Budapest; Hungary; cultural heritage; epidemiology; festival; management practice; marketing; social media; sustainability; tourism market; urban area; vulnerability Article
2204 View Rodwell D. Inhabited historic cities, urban heritage, and dissonances at the heart of the World Heritage system Article
2205 View Blokker J.M. Heritage and the ‘Heartland’: Architectural and urban heritage in the discourse and practice of the populist far right Article
2206 View Ray N.; Nikolaus J. Changing Urban Environments and the Impact on Coastal Cultural Heritage at Marsa Matruh, Egypt Article
2207 View Daly P.; Ninglekhu S.; Hollenbach P.; McCaughey J.W.; Lallemant D.; Horton B.P. Rebuilding historic urban neighborhoods after disasters: Balancing disaster risk reduction and heritage conservation after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal Article
2208 View Anelli D.; Tajani F. Valorization of cultural heritage and land take reduction: an urban compensation model for the replacement of unsuitable buildings in an Italian UNESCO site Article
2209 View Fontes C.; Cordeiro G.Í. Portraying Urban Change in Alfama (Lisbon): How Local Socio‐Spatial Practices Shape Heritage Article
2210 View Fredriksson P.G.; Gupta S.K.; Zhao W.; Wollscheid J.R. Legal heritage and urban slums Cameroon; colonialism; correlation; developing world; land use; legislation; regression analysis; urban housing Article
2211 View Arbab P.; Alborzi G. Toward developing a sustainable regeneration framework for urban industrial heritage Article
2212 View Jonsson A.-P.; Haas T. New urban developments in a heritage area. A case study of Skeppsholmsviken 6 in Stockholm, Sweden Article
2213 View Oevermann H.; Keech D.; Redepenning M.; Fan L.; Alberth P. Continuity and Change: Socio‐Spatial Practices in Bamberg’s World Heritage Urban Horticulture Article
2214 View Lv R.; Liu Y.; Zhang L.; Kong D. Urban historic heritage buffer zone delineation: the case of Shedian Article
2215 View Knauer B. From Reconstruction to Urban Preservation: Negotiating Built Heritage After the Second World War Article
2216 View Rivero-Moreno L.D. The shared-city: cultural heritage as a driver for the re-creation of the urban storytelling; La ciudad compartida: el patrimonio cultural como herramienta para la recreación del relato urbano Article
2217 View El Faouri B.F.; Sibley M. Heritage-Led Urban Regeneration in the Context of WH Listing: Lessons and Opportunities for the Newly Inscribed City of As-Salt in Jordan Jordan; gentrification; perception; prioritization; social exclusion; tourism development; UNESCO; urban renewal Article
2218 View Siwicki C. An ancient debate on urban renewal and built heritage: Dio Chrysostom and the city of Prusa Bursa Bursa (PRV) ; Bursa Turkey ; Turkey; cultural heritage; political history; research work; Roman era; urban economy; urban history; urban renewal; urbanization Article
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2230 View Chen Z.; Wan P.Y.K. Interdependence between community participation and sustainable livelihood development: community perspectives on heritage conservation in Macao Article
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2252 View Cui T.; Kumar P.; Orr S.A. Connecting characteristics of social media activities of a heritage organisation to audience engagement Article
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