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Id 2152
Author Merkle A.C.; Ferrell L.K.; Ferrell O.C.; Hair J.F., Jr.
Title Evaluating E-Book Effectiveness and the Impact on Student Engagement

Merkle A.C.; Ferrell L.K.; Ferrell O.C.; Hair J.F., Jr. Evaluating E-Book Effectiveness and the Impact on Student Engagement,Journal of Marketing Education 44 1

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Abstract Marketing curricula are experiencing a digital disruption as e-books and other electronic educational resources replace print textbooks. This study investigates student perceptions about the effectiveness of print textbooks and e-books. Specifically, we focus on the perceived effectiveness of e-books and the impact on student engagement. A field-based quasi-experiment was conducted with a sample of 259 students in the Fall semester, and a follow-up sample of 395 students in the Spring semester. The results show a diverse impact of e-books on student engagement. Some aspects of engagement are positively affected while other aspects of student engagement exhibit a neutral or negative leaning impact. The findings also reflect significant variation in e-book effectiveness depending on the course. Finally, we find that e-books moderate the relationship between textbook effectiveness and academic performance engagement. Highly effective e-books result in higher levels of academic performance engagement. Collectively these findings shed light on the current situation and provide a foundation for additional research to further our understanding about e-book effectiveness and its relationship to student engagement. © The Author(s) 2021.



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