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2237 View Jansson I.-M. Challenging the problem of un-democratic participation: from destruction to re-construction of heritage 116.597
2129 View Leroy C.; Kammerer Y. Reading multiple documents on a health-related issue: the roles of a text-highlighting tool and re-reading behaviour in integrated understanding 120.2
2557 View Kuuse A.-K.; Paulander A.-S.; Eulau L. Characteristics and impacts of live music interventions on health and wellbeing for children, families, and health care professionals in paediatric hospitals: a scoping review 124.794
2916 View Pineda-Pinto M.; Frantzeskaki N.; Chandrabose M.; Herreros-Cantis P.; McPhearson T.; Nygaard C.A.; Raymond C. Planning Ecologically Just Cities: A Framework to Assess Ecological Injustice Hotspots for Targeted Urban Design and Planning of Nature-Based Solutions 131.725
2260 View Sadeghi H.; Nowkarizi M.; Tajafari M. Critical incident technique helps determine how health library and information services influence clinical decision making and patient care: A literature review 132.989
2306 View Erratum to: Algorithmic literacy in medical students – results of a knowledge test conducted in Germany (Health Information & Libraries Journal, (2021), 38, 3, (224-230), 10.1111/hir.12392) 134.166
2307 View Urquhart C.; Brettle A. Validation of a generic impact survey for use by health library services indicates the reliability of the questionnaire 134.716
2346 View Bangani S. Academic libraries’ support for quality education through community engagement 136.468
2549 View Meier K.J.; McCrea A.M. Sit it out or dance: representative bureaucracy contagion effects in health care 137.374
2286 View Bridgeman M. The Use of Search Request Forms Can Identify Gaps in a Consumer Health Library Collection 139.489
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