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2371 View Antonio M.G.; Williamson A.; Kameswaran V.; Beals A.; Ankrah E.; Goulet S.; Wang Y.; Macias G.; James-Gist J.; Brown L.K.; Davis S.; Pillai S.; Buis L.; Dillahunt T.; Veinot T.C. Targeting Patients’ Cognitive Load for Telehealth Video Visits through Student-Delivered Helping Sessions at a United States Federally Qualified Health Center: Equity-Focused, Mixed Methods Pilot Intervention Study 82.6372
2626 View Jarus T.; Mayer Y.; Gross E.; Cook C.; Bulk L.Y.; Hershler L.A.D.; Nichols J.; Zaman S.; Belliveau G. Bringing disability experiences front stage: Research-based theatre as a teaching approach to promote inclusive health education 96.4326
2270 View Chung E.Y.-H.; Tse T.T.-O. Effect of human library intervention on mental health literacy: a multigroup pretest–posttest study 96.6831
2339 View Campbell A. User Experience (UX) Librarianship and Health Sciences Libraries (HSLs) 97.6263
2492 View Reed J.; Salusky I.; Shattell M. Experiences of Mental Health Practitioners With Empathy Computer Games 100.205
2363 View Yöyen E.; Barış T.G.; Sezer C. Investigation of the Efficiency of Psychological Support Videos as an Approach to the Protection of Mental Health of Medics During the Pandemic Process 101.282
2472 View Bastos Depianti J.R.; Borges Pessanha F.; Evangelista Cabral I. Applicability of Games to Children with Special Health Care Needs; Aplicabilidad de juegos a niños con necesidades de salud especiales 101.765
2301 View Jenkins C.L.; Sykes S.; Wills J. Public Libraries as Supportive Environments for Children’s Development of Critical Health Literacy 102.66
2393 View van Peppen L.; Faber T.J.E.; Erasmus V.; Dankbaar M.E.W. Teamwork Training With a Multiplayer Game in Health Care: Content Analysis of the Teamwork Principles Applied 103.039
2150 View Li C.-W.; Chiu C.-J. Incorporating gerontological and geriatrics information into picture books for 9-12 year-old children: A stakeholder engagement design 103.231
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