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2499 View Sit S.M.-M.; Lai A.Y.-K.; Kwok T.-O.; Wong H.-W.; Wong Y.-L.; Chow E.; Kwok Y.-K.; Wang M.-P.; Ho S.-Y.; Lam T.-H. Development and evaluation of two brief digital health promotion game booths utilizing augmented reality and motion detection to promote well-being at a gerontechnology summit in Hong Kong 112.481
2382 View Darban F.; Mir M.; Sabzevari S. Training by multimedia messaging service method, a solution to improve knowledge, attitude, and performance of health workers: A quasi- experimental study 114.475
3024 View Kim C.; Kwak D. Formation of Sense of Place Trough Urban Design Project in Chiba, Japan: Relationships between Change of Emotional Values and Experiential Recognition of Place 118.919
2419 View Marwan I.; Rohayati N. Students Mental Health and Learning Performance: The Moderating Impact of College Games 119.673
2049 View Sharp E. A Review of the Exhibit Fix: Heartbreak and Hope: Inside Our Opioid Crisis: Finding Common Ground Between Health Promotion and Museum Practice 126.201
3049 View Oh S.; Choi J. An optimization method to design a skip–stop pattern for renovating operation schemes in urban railways 126.901
2185 View Kashihara S.; Nguyen V.D.Q.; Suzuki N. Exploring Measures for Urban Heritage Conservation in Its Early Stages A comparative study between Ho Chi Minh City and Yokohama City 127.959
2712 View De Siqueira G.; Malaj S.; Hamdani M. Digitalization, Participation and Interaction: Towards More Inclusive Tools in Urban Design—A Literature Review 128.003
2235 View Sung M. Influences of Rural Heritage on Resident Participation in Community Activities: A Case Study of the Villages of Jeoji-ri and Handong-ri on Jeju Island, South Korea 128.177
2294 View Grossman S.; Erwin L.J.; Martinez-Donate A.; Agosto D.E.; Winston M.; Epstein N.; Klassen A.C. Provision of health-related information for immigrant patrons in public libraries in a large US city 128.598
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