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69 View Ander, E.; Thomson, L.; Lanceley, A.; Menon, U.; Noble, G. Heritage, Health and Wellbeing: Assessing the impact of a heritage focused intervention on health and wellbeing. heritage; museum; health; wellbeing; object handling; arts in hospital Article
70 View Campion, M.; Levita, L. Enhancing positive affect and divergent thinking abilities: Play some music and dance. music; dancing; emotional wellbeing; fatigue Article
72 View Zhang, Y.; Tzortzopoulos, P.; Kagioglou, M. Healing built-environment effects on health outcomes: environment–occupant–health framework. buildings; built environment; healing; health; healthcare facilities; occupants; outcomes; wellbeing Article
73 View Ram, D.; Shapira, J.; Holan, G.; Magora, F.; Cohen, S.; Davidovich, E. Audiovisual video eyeglass distraction during dental treatment in children audiovisual distraction; behavior management; pediatric dentistry; video eyeglasses Article
74 View Strong, J., V.; Mast, B., T. The cognitive functioning of older adult instrumental musicians and non-musicians. cognitive aging; music cognition; executive function; neuropsychology; cognitive reserve Article
76 View Pentz, M., A.; Hieftje, K., D.; Pendergrass, T., M.; Brito, S., A.; Liu, M.; Arora, T.; Tindle, H., A; Krishnan Sarin, S.; Fiellin, L., E. A videogame intervention for tobacco product use prevention in adolescents. videogame; tobacco; prevention; risk perception; adolescents Article
77 View Bottorff, J., L.; Sarbit, G.; Oliffe, J., L.; Kelly, M.,T.; Lohan, M.; Stolp, S.; Sharp, P. “If I Were Nick”: Men’s Responses to an Interactive Video Drama Series to Support Smoking Cessation. smoking cessation; tobacco use; technology; interactive video drama; self-efficacy Article
78 View Fiellin, L., E.; Hieftje, K., D.; Pendergrass, T., M.; Kyriakides, T., C.; Duncan, L., R.; Dziura, J., D.; Sawyer, B., G.; Mayes, L.; Crusto, C., A.; Forsyth, B., WC.; Fiellin, D. A. Video Game Intervention for Sexual Risk Reduction in Minority Adolescents: Randomized Controlled Trial. games; gamification; serious games; health; medicine; prevention; care; sex education; sex behavior; adolescents Article
79 View Frishkopf, M.; Hamze, H.; Alhassan, M.; Zukpeni, I., A.; Abu, S.; Zakus, D. Performing arts as a social technology for community health promotion in northern Ghana. music; dance; drama; edutainment; community health; sanitation; malaria; Ghana Article
80 View Dunphy, K.; Baker, F. A.; Dumaresq, E.; Carroll-Haskins, K.; Eickholt, J.; Ercole, M.; Kaimal, G.; Meyer, K.; Sajnani, N.; Shamir, O.Y.; Wosch, T. Creative Arts Interventions to Address Depression in Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Outcomes, Processes, and Mechanisms Creative arts therapy; dance movement therapy; drama therapy; arts therapy; depression; older adults; processes; outcomes Article
81 View Jones, R.; Hoover, D., R.; Lacroix, L., J. A randomized controlled trial of soap opera videos streamed to smartphones to reduce risk of sexually transmitted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in young urban African American women. entertainment education; HIV prevention; HIV risk; intervention research; Randomized control trial; Streaming video Article
82 View Cole, S., W.; Yoo, D., J.; Knutson, B. Interactivity and Reward-Related Neural Activation during a Serious Videogame. serious game; neural activation; participatory engagement; interactivity; cancer Article
83 View Kloos, A., D.; Fritz, N., E.: Kostyk, S., K.; Young, G., S.; Kegelmeyer, D., A. Video game play (Dance Dance Revolution) as a potential exercise therapy in Huntington’s disease: a controlled clinical trial. Huntington disease; video game play; balance; gait; exercise Article
84 View Kaimal, G.; Gonzaga, A., M.; Schwachter, V. Crafting, health and wellbeing: findings from the survey of public participation in the arts and considerations for art therapists. visual arts; pottery; fabric crafts; health promotion; creative arts therapies; Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA) Article
85 View Sridharan, K.; Sivaramakrishnan, G. Therapeutic clowns in pediatrics: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. therapeutic clowns; children; hospital; anxiety Article
86 View Pérez-Sáez, E.; Cabrero-Montes, E., M.; Llorente-Cano, M.; González-Ingelmo, E. A pilot study on the impact of a pottery workshop on the well-being of people with dementia. dementia; non-pharmacological therapies; creative arts; pottery; well-being; art crafts Article
87 View Nan, J., K.; Ho, R.,T. Effects of clay art therapy on adults outpatients with major depressive disorder: A randomized controlled trial. depression; emotion regulation; clay art therapy; randomized controlled trial; short-term creative arts psychotherapy Article
88 View Macrì, E.; Limoni, C. Artistic activities and psychological well-being perceived by patients with spinal cord injury. artistic activities; psychological well-being; spinal cord injury; rehabilitation Article
89 View Van Steenwinkel, I.; De Casterlé, B., D.; Heylighen, A. How architectural design affords experiences of freedom in residential care for older people. architectural design; residential care facility; older people; experience; freedom; care visions Article
90 View Staiano, A., E.; Marker, A., M.; Beyl, R., A.; Hsia, D., S.; Katzmarzyk, P., T.; Newton, R., L. A randomized controlled trial of dance exergaming for exercise training in overweight and obese adolescent girls. videogames; dance; exercise; randomized controlled trial; obese; adolescent Article
91 View Muller-Pinget, S.; Carrard, I.; Ybarra, J.; Golay, A. Dance therapy improves self-body image among obese patients. obesity; dance therapy; self-body image Article
92 View Wagener, T., L.; Fedele, D., A.; Mignogna, M., R.; Hester, C., N.; Gillaspy, S., R. Psychological effects of dance‐based group exergaming in obese adolescents. adolescents; exergaming; obesity; perceived competence Article
93 View Huang, S., F.; Zheng, W., L.; Liao, J., Y.; Huang, C., M.; Lin, T.,Y.; Guo, J., L. The effectiveness of a theory-based drama intervention in preventing illegal drug use among students aged 14–15 years in Taiwan. adolescents; drama in education (DIE); drug prevention; Taiwan; theory of planned behaviour Article
94 View Quek, L., H.; White, A.; Low, C.; Brown, J.; Dalton, N.; Dow, D.; Connor, J., P. Good choices, great future: An applied theatre prevention program to reduce alcohol‐related risky behaviours during Schoolies. drug education program; schoolies; binge drinking; brief intervention; applied theatre; prevention Article
95 View Racicot-Matta, C.; Wilcke, M.; Egeland, G., M. Development of radio dramas for health communication pilot intervention in Canadian Inuit communities. extended elaboration likelihood model (EELM); nutrition education; health communication; traditional food (TF); child; radio; community; health Article
96 View Coulton, S.; Clift, S.; Skingley, A.; Rodriguez, J. Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of community singing on mental health-related quality of life of older people: Randomised controlled trial. singing; quality of life; older people; cost-effectiveness; mental health Article
97 View Bygren, L. O.; Johansson, S.,‑E.; Konlaan, B., B., Grjibovski, A., M.; Wilkinson, A., V.; Sjöström, M. Attending cultural events and cancer mortality: A Swedish cohort study. cancer; cultural participation; health promotion Article
98 View Daykin, N.; Mansfield, L.; Meads, C. What Works for Wellbeing? A systematic review of wellbeing outcomes for music and singing in adults. music; singing; systematic review; wellbeing; depression; older people Article
102 View Grossi, E., ; Sacco, P.L., ; Blessi, G.T., ; Cerutti, R., The Impact of Culture on the Individual Subjective Well-Being of the Italian Population: An Exploratory Study cultural access; cultural and health policies; psychological well-being Article
103 View Grossi, E., ; Sacco, P.L., ; Blessi, G.T., ; Buscema, M., The Interaction Between Culture, Health and Psychological Well-Being: Data Mining from the Italian Culture and Well-Being Project psychological well-being; cultural participation; health; Italy; cultural access Article
105 View Azevedo, M., The evaluation of the social impacts of culture: culture, arts and development culture; arts; development; impacts; social effects; community Article
106 View Yonas, M., A.; Burke, J., G.; Rak, K., ; Bennerr, A., ; Kelly, V., ; Gielen, A., C. A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Engaging Youth in CBPR Using the Creative Arts. youth; community; creative arts; community engagement; safety; health Article
113 View Lee, S., ; Chung, J., E.; Park, N., Linking Cultural Capital With Subjective Well-Being and Social Support: The Role of Communication Networks. Cultural capital; Online cultural participation; Communication and discussion networks; Subjective well-being; Social support Article
114 View Fancourt, D.; Steptoe, A.; Cadar, D. Cultural engagement and cognitive reserve: museum attendance and dementia incidence over a 10-year period dementia; cultural engagement; museums; social engagement; cognitive reserve Article
115 View Grossi, E.; Blessi, G. T.; Sacco, P.L. Magic moments: Determinants of stress relief and subjective wellbeing from visiting a cultural heritage site. culture; heritage; mental health; wellbeing; cortisol; stress Article
116 View Hyyppä, M. T.; Mäki, J.; Impivaara, O.; Aromaa, A Leisure participation predicts survival: a population-based study in Finland. leisure participation; survival; longitudinal survey Article
117 View Konlaan, B. B.; Bygren, L. O.; Johansson, S. E. Visiting the cinema, concerts, museums or art exhibitions as determinant of survival: a Swedish fourteen-year cohort follow-up. cultural events; cultural consumption; environment; enrichment; longevity Article
118 View Wheatley, D.; Bickerton, C. Measuring changes in subjective well‑being from engagement in the arts, culture and sport arts; culture; leisure; life satisfaction; social interaction; sport; subjective well-being Article
128 View Geng-qing Chi, C., ; Caia, R., ; Li, Y., Factors influencing residents’ subjective well-being at World Heritage Sites Heritage tourism; Tourism impacts; Support for tourism; Social environment; Sense of community Article
131 View Corbett, B., A.; Blain, S., D.; Ioannou, S., ; Balser, M., Changes in anxiety following a randomized control trial of a theatre-based intervention for youth with autism spectrum disorder. Anxiety; Autism spectrum disorders; Cortisol; Stress; Theatre Article
132 View Dahlgren, G., ; Whitehead, M., Policies and strategies to promote social equity in health Social equity; Health; Policies; Strategies Article
134 View Li, Y., ; Winters, J., V. Urbanisation, natural amenities and subjective well-being: Evidence from US counties. Amenities; Population density; Quality of life; Subjective well-being; Urbanisation Article
161 View Richards, A. G.; Tietyen, A.C.; Jicha, G.A.; Bardach, S.H.; Schmitt, F.A.; Fardo, D.W.; Kryscio, R.J.; Abner, E.L. Visual Arts Education improves self-esteem for persons with dementia and reduces caregiver burden: A randomized controlled trial. dementia; caregiving; visual arts education; pedagogy; randomized controlled trial Article
162 View Whiteman, E.D.; Dupuis, R.; Morgan, A.U.; D’Alonzo, B.; Epstein, C.; Klusaritz, H.; Cannuscio, C.C. Public Libraries As Partners for Health public library; commuity engagement; staff; health Article
163 View Daykin, N.; Byrne, E.; Soteriou, T.; O’Connor, S. The impact of art, design and enviroment in mental healthcare: a systematic review of the literature arts; design; environment; mental health; systematic review. Article
164 View Thomson, L. J.; Lockyer, B.; Camic, P. M.; Chatterjee, H. J. Effects of a museum-based social prescription intervention on quantitative measures of psychological wellbeing in older adults emotion; intervention; measures; older adults; psychological wellbeing; social prescribing Article
165 View Dowdall, N.; Melendez-Torres, G.J.; Murray, L.; Gardner, F.; Hartford, L.; Cooper, P.J. Shared Picture Book Reading Interventions for Child Language Development: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis book reading; child language development; systematic review; meta-analysis Article
166 View Xie, Q.W.; Chan, C.H.Y.; Ji, Q.; Chan, C.L.W. Psychosocial Effects of Parent-Child Book Reading Interventions: A Meta-analysis book reading; parents-child; cognitive development; meta-analysis Article
167 View Tavano Blessi, G.; Grossi, E.; Sacco, P. L.; Piereti, G.; Ferilli, G. The contribution of cultural participation to urban well-being. A comparative study in Bolzano/Bozen and Siracusa, Italy urban areas; culture; well-being; social welfare; cultural poverty trap; cultural policy Article
168 View Morse, N.; Thomson, L.J.M.; Brown, Z.; Chatterjee, H.J. Effects of creative museum outreach sessions on measures of confidence, sociability and well-being for mental health and addiction recovery service-users inferential statistics; mental health; rehabilitation; thematic analysis; visual arts Article
169 View Windle, G.; Gregory, S.; Howson-Griffiths, T.; Newman, A.; O Brien, D.; Gouldin, A. Exploring the theoretical foundations of visual art programmes for people living with dementia creativity; arts and related therapy; dementia; wellbeing Article
170 View Zarobe, L.; Bungay, H. The role of arts activities in developing resilience and mental wellbeing in children and young people a rapid review of the literature children and young people; resilience; mental health; wellbeing Article
172 View Brown, M.I.; Westerveld, M.F.; Trembath, D.; Gillon, G.T. Promoting language and social communication development in babies through an early storybook reading intervention early storybook reading; language development; social communication; babies and young children; parent training workshops; social benefits of book Article
173 View Sliwka, A.; Wloch, T.; Tynor, D.; Nowobilski, R. Do asthmatics benefit from music therapy? A systematic review asthma; music therapy; complementary medicine Article
174 View Kasahara-Kiritani, M.; Hadlaczky, G.; Westerlund, M.; Carli, V.; Wasserman, C.; Apter, A.; Balazs, J.; Bobes, J.; Brunner, R.; McMahon, E.M.; Cosman, D.; Farkas, L.; Haring, C.; Kaess, M.; Kahn, J.P.; Keeley, H.; Nemes, B.; Bitenc, U.M.; Postuvan, V.; Saiz, P.; Sisask, M.; Värnik, A.; Sarchiapone, M.; Hoven, C.W.; Wasserman, D. Reading books and watching films as a protective factor against suicidal ideation Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe (SEYLE); adolescent; belonging; mental health; protective factors; suicide; book; audiovisual Article
176 View Hacking, S.; Secker, J.; Spandler, H.; Kent, L.; Shenton, J. Evaluating the impact of participatory art projects for people with mental health needs. community settings; empowerment; evaluation; mental health; participatory art project Article
177 View Thomson, L. J. M.; Chatterjee, H. J. Well-Being With Objects: Evaluating a Museum ObjectHandling Intervention for Older Adults in Health Care Settings happiness; health care; measures; museum object-handling intervention; subjective well-being Article
179 View Jensen, A.; Bonde, L.O. The use of arts interventions for mental health and wellbeing in health settings arts activities; clinical interventions; health; wellbeing; mental health; arts participation; arts on prescription Article
180 View Goldenberg, R. B. Singing Lessons for Respiratory Health: A Literature Review singing; respiratory health; physiotherapy; voice pedagogy; music therapy Article
182 View Chamberlain, D.; Heaps, D.; Robert, I. Bibliotherapy and information prescriptions: a summary of the published evidence‐base and recommendations from past and ongoing Books on Prescription projects bibliotherapy; books on prescription; information prescriptions Article
183 View Binnie, J. Does Viewing Art in the Museum Reduce Anxiety and Improve Wellbeing? museum; viewing art; anxiety; wellbeing Article
185 View Wheatley, D.; Bickerton, C. Subjective well-being and engagement in arts, culture and sport. subjective well-being; job satisfaction; cultural value; leisure time; arts and culture; sport Article
186 View Węziak-Białowolska, D.; Białowolski, P. Cultural events – does attendance improve health? Evidence from a Polish longitudinal study cultural attendance; self-reported health; patient health questionnaire; longitudinal data; causal analysis Article
187 View Poulos, R.G.; Marwood, S.; Harkin, D.; Opher, S.; Clift, S.; Cole, A.M.D.; Rhee, J.; Beilharz, K.; Poulos, C.J. Arts on prescription for community‐dwelling older people with a range of health and wellness needs ageing; art; community dwelling; community services for elder people; health; mental health Article
189 View Bygren, L.O.; Konlaan, B.B.; Johansson, S.E. Attendance at cultural events, reading books or periodicals, and making music or singing in a choir as determinants for survival: Swedish interview survey of living conditions attendence cultural events; survival; social problems; music; cinema; dance Article
190 View Wiseman, R.; Watt, C. Achieving the impossible: a review of magic-based interventions and their effects on wellbeing psychology; occupational therapy; magic tricks; health; intervention: performing arts Article
191 View Conceição, L. S. R.; Neto, M. G.; Amaral, M. A. S.; Martins-Filho, P. R. S.; Carvalho, V. O. Effect of dance therapy on blood pressure and exercise capacity of individuals with hypertension: A systematic review and meta-analysis blood pressure; dance; exercise; meta-analysis Article
192 View Daykin, N.; De Viggiani, N.; Pilkington, P.; Moriarty, Y. Music making for health, well-being and behaviour change in youth justice settings: a systematic review young people; music; health inequalities; systematic review Article
501 View Vrtana D., Krizanova A., Skorvagova E., Valaskova K. Exploring the affective level in adolescents in relation to advertising with a selected emotional appeal Adolescents; Advertising; Emotional appeal; Emotional states; Emotions; Regions Article
502 View Tatlow-Golden M., Parker D. The devil is in the detail: Challenging the UK department of health’s 2019 impact assessment of the extent of online marketing of unhealthy foods to children Adolescent; Advertising; Children; Digital; Marketing; Online; Policy; Regulation; TV Article
503 View Dunkeld C., Wright M.L., Banerjee R.A., Easterbrook M.J., Slade L. Television exposure, consumer culture values, and lower well-being among preadolescent children: The mediating role of consumer-focused coping strategies appearance; children; consumer culture; coping; materialism; media exposure; values; well-being Article
504 View Smith C.P., George D. When is advertising a plastic surgeon’s individual “brand” unethical? Article
505 View Slater A., Bowen J., Corsini N., Gardner C., Golley R., Noakes M. Understanding parent concerns about childrens diet, activity and weight status: An important step towards effective obesity prevention interventions Child; Intervention development; Obesity prevention; Parental views Article
506 View Pollay R.W. Targeting youth and concerned smokers: Evidence from Canadian tobacco industry documents "concerned" smokers; Advertising; Brand imagery; Corporate documents; Market research; Youth targeting Article
531 View Rice L., Drane M. Indicators of Healthy Architecture—a Systematic Literature Review Architecture; Indicators; Public health; Urban; Wellbeing Article
532 View Peters V.J.T., Meijboom B.R., Bunt J.E.H., Bok L.A., van Steenbergen M.W., de Winter J.P., de Vries E. Providing person-centered care for patients with complex healthcare needs: A qualitative study Article
533 View Ramirez-Figueroa C., Beckett R. Living with buildings, living with microbes: Probiosis and architecture Article
534 View Nielsen J.H., Overgaard C. Healing architecture and Snoezelen in delivery room design: A qualitative study of women's birth experiences and patient-centeredness of care Birth environment; Birth experience; Hospital design; Patient-centered care; Qualitative methods; Semi-structured interviews Article
535 View Punzi L., Chia M., Cipolletta S., Dolcetti C., Galozzi P., Giovinazzi O., Tonolo S., Zava R., Pazzaglia F. The role of architectural design for rheumatic patients’ wellbeing: The point of view of environmental psychology Architectural psychology; Arthritis; Environmental psychology; Pain; Psychology; Rheumatic diseases; Rheumatology Article
536 View de Paiva A., Jedon R. Short- and long-term effects of architecture on the brain: Toward theoretical formalization Behavior; Brain; Long term; Neuroarchitecture; Neuroscience; Short term Article
537 View Villanueva C.M.S. Transformations of Urban Space in Community and Pedestrian Wellbeing Community and Pedestrian Wellbeing; Transformations; Urban Space Article
538 View Jewkes Y., Jordan M., Wright S., Bendelow G. Designing ‘healthy’ prisons for women: Incorporating trauma-informed care and practice (TICP) into prison planning and design Mental health in prisons; Trauma; Trauma informed care and practice; Wellbeing; Women’s health Article
539 View Friesinger J.G., Topor A., Bøe T.D., Larsen I.B. Studies regarding supported housing and the built environment for people with mental health problems: A mixed-methods literature review Architecture; Built environment; Literature review; Living place; Mental health; Supported housing Article
540 View Capolongo S., Rebecchi A., Dettori M., Appolloni L., Azara A., Buffoli M., Capasso L., Casuccio A., Conti G.O., D’amico A., Ferrante M., Moscato U., Oberti I., Paglione L., Restivo V., D’alessandro D. Healthy design and urban planning strategies, actions, and policy to achieve salutogenic cities Health promotion; Healthy urban planning strategies; Non-communicable disease prevention; Public health; Salutogenic cities; Urban health Article
541 View Mc L.J., Harrison I.R. The effects of built environment design on opportunities for wellbeing in care homes Care homes; Ethnographic observations; Human building interactions; User study; Wellbeing Article
542 View Venerandi A., Quattrone G., Capra L. City form and well-being: What makes London neighborhoods good places to live? Open Data; Quantitative Analysis; Urban Form; Well-being Article
544 View Cantillon Z., Baker S. DIY Heritage Institutions as Third Places: Caring, Community and Wellbeing Among Volunteers at the Australian Jazz Museum Australian Jazz Museum; DIY institution; heritage volunteers; serious leisure; third place Article
545 View Fancourt D., Baxter L., Lorencatto F. Barriers and enablers to engagement in participatory arts activities amongst individuals with depression and anxiety: Quantitative analyses using a behaviour change framework Anxiety; Arts; Barriers; Behaviour; Behaviour change; Depression; Enablers Article
546 View Pearce E. Participants’ perspectives on the social bonding and well-being effects of creative arts adult education classes mental health; Self-efficacy; social capital Article
547 View Kim D. The effects of a combined physical activity, recreation, and art and craft program on ADL, cognition, and depression in the elderly Arts and crafts; Elderly; Physical activity program; Recreation Article
548 View Hikichi H., Kondo K., Takeda T., Kawachi I. Social interaction and cognitive decline: Results of a 7-year community intervention Community intervention; Japan; Marginal structural models; Prevention; Social participation Article
549 View Ho H.C.Y., Mui M., Wan A., Ng Y.-L., Stewart S.M., Yew C., Lam T.H., Chan S.S. Happy Family Kitchen II: A cluster randomized controlled trial of a community-based positive psychology family intervention for subjective happiness and health-related quality of life in Hong Kong Community-based intervention; Health-related quality of life; Positive psychology; Randomized controlled trial; Subjective happiness; Subjective well-being Article
550 View Pienaar L., Reynolds F. ‘A respite thing’: A qualitative study of a creative arts leisure programme for family caregivers of people with dementia Arts for health; Carers; Dementia; Well-being Article
551 View Kelly M., Rivas C., Foell J., Llewellyn-Dunn J., England D., Cocciadiferro A., Hull S. Unmasking quality: Exploring meanings of health by doing art Art; Community development; Primary care; Social prescribing Article
552 View Jones M., Kimberlee R., Deave T., Evans S. The role of community centre-based arts, leisure and social activities in promoting adult well-being and healthy lifestyles Arts and health; Community development; Healthy living; Holistic programmes; Well-being Article
553 View Müllersdorf M., Ivarsson A.B. Use of Creative Activities in Occupational Therapy Practice in Sweden Creative activities; Occupational therapy; Web survey Article
554 View Crawford M.J., Killaspy H., Barnes T.R.E., Barrett B., Byford S., Clayton K., Dinsmore J., Floyd S., Hoadley A., Johnson T., Kalaitzaki E., King M., Leurent B., Maratos A., O'Neill F.A., Osborn D.P., Patterson S., Soteriou T., Tyrer P., Waller D. Group art therapy as an adjunctive treatment for people with schizophrenia: Multicentre pragmatic randomised trial Article
555 View Reynolds F., Vivat B., Prior S. Women's experiences of increasing subjective well-being in CFS/ME through leisure-based arts and crafts activities: A qualitative study Art; Chronic fatigue; Creativity; Interpretative phenomenological analysis; Leisure; Occupation; Subjective well-being Article
556 View Horghagen S., Josephsson S., Alsaker S. The use of craft activities as an occupational therapy treatment modality in Norway during 1952-1960 Craft activities; History; Occupational therapy Article
557 View la Cour K., Josephsson S., Luborsky M. Creating connections of life during life-threatening illness: Creative activity experienced by elderly people and occupational therapists Creative activity; Elderly; Life-threatening illness; Occupational therapists Article
566 View Olivares-Delgado F., Iglesias-Sánchez P.P., Benlloch-Osuna M.T., Heras-Pedrosa C.L., Jambrino-Maldonado C. Resilience and Anti-Stress during COVID-19 Isolation in Spain: An Analysis through Audiovisual Spots confinement; coronavirus; corporate ads; COVID-19; health communication; isolation; public health; resilience; risk communication; stress Article
567 View Yılmaz N.G., Van Weert J.C.M., Peters E., Lissenberg-Witte B.I., Becker A., Senan S., Dickhoff C., Timmermans D.R.M., Damman O.C. Testing the Effects of Modality and Narration Style on Patients’ Information Use in a Lung Cancer Treatment Decision Aid audiovisual information; information processing; lung cancer; modality; narration style; narrative information; non-small cell; older patients; patient decision aids Article
568 View Bird J.M., Karageorghis C.I. A Grounded Theory of Music-Video Use in an Exercise Facility Audiovisual stimuli; exercise psychology; physical activity; qualitative research Article
569 View Barker R.E., Jones S.E., Banya W., Fleming S., Kon S.S.C., Clarke S.F., Nolan C.M., Patel S., Walsh J.A., Maddocks M., Farquhar M., Bell D., Wedzicha J.A., Man W.D.-C. The effects of a video intervention on posthospitalization pulmonary rehabilitation uptake Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Hospitalization; Rehabilitation Article
570 View Hébert C., Dagenais C., Sween-Cadieuxid E.M., Ridde V. Video as a public health knowledge transfer tool in Burkina Faso: A mixed evaluation comparing three narrative genres Article
571 View Djannah S.N., Sulistyawati S., Sukesi T.W., Mulasari S.A., Tentama F. Audio-visual media to improve sexual-reproduction health knowledge among adolescent Adolescent education; Audio-visual media; Knowledge; Sexual-reproduction health Article
572 View Lee L.-P., Har A.W.-Y., Ngai C.-H., Lai D.W.L., Lam B.Y.-H., Chan C.C.-H. Audiovisual integrative training for augmenting cognitive- motor functions in older adults with mild cognitive impairment Attentional control; Audiovisual integration; Mild cognitive impairment; Upper limb motor functions Article
573 View Housten A.J., Kamath G.R., Bevers T.B., Cantor S.B., Dixon N., Hite A., Kallen M.A., Leal V.B., Li L., Volk R.J. Does Animation Improve Comprehension of Risk Information in Patients with Low Health Literacy? A Randomized Trial cancer screening; health literacy; shared decision making (SDM) Article
574 View Daryani I., Suciana F., Rusmingsih E. Effect of Health Education using Audiovisual on Knowledge of Osteoporosis Prevention in Elderly Article
575 View Grasaas E., Fegran L., Helseth S., Stinson J., Martinez S., Lalloo C., Haraldstad K. Icancope with pain: Cultural adaptation and usability testing of a self-management app for adolescents with persistent pain in Norway Adolescent; Chronic pain; Health; Mobile app; Self-management; Translating Article
576 View Prieto-Pinto L., Lara-Díaz M.F., Garzón-Orjuela N., Herrera D., Páez-Canro C., Reyes J.H., González-Gordon L., Jiménez-Murcia V., Eslava-Schmalbach J. Effectiveness assessment of maternal and neonatal health video clips in knowledge transfer using neuromarketing tools: A randomized crossover trial Article
577 View Langdridge D., Davis M., Gozdzielewska L., McParland J., Williams L., Young M., Smith F., MacDonald J., Price L., Flowers P. A visual affective analysis of mass media interventions to increase antimicrobial stewardship amongst the public affect; antimicrobial stewardship; behaviour change; mass media communications; visual materials Article
578 View Galindo-Neto N.M., Alexandre A.C.S., Barros L.M., Sá G.G.M., de Carvalho K.M., Caetano J.Á. Creation and validation of an educational video for deaf people about cardiopulmonary resuscitation Audiovisual aids; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; Health education; Instructional films and videos; Persons with Hearing Impairments; Teaching materials Article
579 View Shi Z., Wang A.-L., Aronowitz C.A., Cappella J.N., Romer D., Langleben D.D. Connectivity between visual and auditory cortices mediates the influence of argument strength on the effectiveness of smoking-cessation videos among smokers low in sensation seeking Brain connectivity; Functional magnetic resonance imaging; Health communication; Sensation seeking; Smoking Article
580 View Lipson-Smith R., White F., White A., Serong L., Cooper G., Price-Bell G., Hyatt A. Co-design of a consultation audio-recording mobile app for people with cancer: The secondears app Adult; Audiovisual aids; Cancer; Community-based participatory research; Health behavior; Humans; Mobile apps; Psychological theory; referral and consultation Article
581 View Xie Q., Pan J., Chen Y., He Y., Ni X., Zhang J., Wang F., Li Y., Yu R. A gaze-independent audiovisual brain-computer Interface for detecting awareness of patients with disorders of consciousness 17 Psychology and Cognitive Sciences 1701 Psychology 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1109 Neurosciences Audiovisual brain-computer interface (BCI); Awareness detection; Disorders of consciousness (DOC); Event-related potential (ERP); Semantic congruency Article
582 View Khandelwal D., Kalra N., Tyagi R., Khatri A., Gupta K. Control of anxiety in pediatric patients using "tell show do" method and audiovisual distraction Anxiety; Audiovisual distraction; First dental visit Article
583 View Silva De Souza E., Cardoso A., Lamounier E. A Virtual Environment-Based Training System for a Blind Wheelchair User Through Use of Three-Dimensional Audio Supported by Electroencephalography telemedicine Article
584 View Nishikawa M., Yamanaka M., Kiriya J., Jimba M. Providing Japanese health care information for international visitors: Digital animation intervention Digital animation; Health information; International visitors; Japan Article
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